1. From full-time employees to dispatched nurserses

1.	From full-time employees to dispatched nurserses

information dissemination and introduction of job change sites for those who are thinking about changing jobs as a nurse.

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2. After graduating from the nursing department of the university, I was a nurse as a full-time employee for about 5 years in the terminal ward.

3. The nursing job was rewarding and enjoyable.

In the first year, I was almost overwhelmed by the pressure, but from the third and fourth years, I was able to take responsibility for my work.

I was honestly happy to thank the patient.

I faced with all my strength while crying, comforting, angry, and angry with a patient who was desperate due to terminal illness.

4. But one day, when I finished the night shift and went out of the hospital, my tears suddenly stopped.

At the end of the year, night shifts and overtime overlapped, and I realized that I was busy and tired, but this was my first tear.

Even after I got home, my tears didn't stop and I went to the hospital and was asked, "Why don't you take a rest?"

Why am i?

Is that okay?

I thought, but I thought, "I can't help it," and decided to take a break from work.

5. After a week, I felt calm and went to the hospital, probably because I had run out of tears.

I was happy that my colleagues and the lady asked me, "Are you okay?"

A patient like a mother-in-law who always preaches dryly encouraged me, "You're tired. Sleep a little longer."

Then, the day passed without incident.


The next day I thought, "What's that? It's okay." I was informed that a patient like that mother-in-law had died.

At that moment, my tears couldn't stop again, and this time I had difficulty breathing.

6. It was the moment that marked the end of my permanent life.

7. After that, he was diagnosed as needing a six-month leave, and he will retire.

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