Weight Lose Journey: How to lose weigh

Weight Lose Journey: How to lose weigh

Are you overweight, obese, or weighing normal? Do you feel that you need to shred some fat to give your body a perfect shape maybe like one your ..

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Are you overweight, obese or weighing normal? Do you feel that you need to shred some fat to give your body a perfect shape, maybe like one your favorite celebrity?

To be honest, there’s no ‘perfect weight’ that fits everyone. Hence it becomes of utmost importance to know the weight category you fall under.

Just hopping on a weighing machine may not help.

So, lets initiate the process

Weight Lose Journey

Calculate your BMI!

Wondering, what is BMI?

BMI or Body Mass Index, in simple words is a calculation to measure whether you weigh normal, overweight, or obese which is based on your height and body weight.

Got your BMI? Great!

Let us know more about how to lose weight fast or naturally?

Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

Yes, you surely can lose weight fast, with the help of various weight loss pills or supplements approved by FDA. Only if prescribed by a certified nutritionist or a dietician.

But what is in losing weight, if not planning to keep it off your health radar.

Losing weight, if done safely, is a slow process.

Losing 1-2pounds a week is healthy weight loss. While it could be risky to lose weight fast as you’re not just losing that extra fat, maybe losing muscles too.

You got to have a set weight loss plan like:

• Setting realistic goals.

o Losing weight at a slow pace keeps your fitness style go on for long.

o Setting a timeline to achieve your goal.

 Know in how much time you want to lose weight.

• Low-calorie meal plan

o Keeping a food journal of what you eat is a great idea

o Keep a tap on the number of calories you consume daily.

o Control emotional eating

• Pickup a physical activity or exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes daily.

o Walking, running, jogging, swimming, skipping, yoga etc.

o Go to a gym.

o Functional exercise schedule

• Stay focused! Stay determined, remember no gain without some pain.

Got the points! Now , lets get into details!

1. Setting Realistic Goals:

You’ll have to push yourself to achieve the weight loss goals, while remember it could less time to achieve your weight loss goal.

Losing weight fast may impact your overall health. The intake of weight loss drugs could be the easiest way to lose weight making you compromise with a lots of side effects. It could be illness, allergies etc. A slow pace weight loss helps you improve on your stamina, maintain your discipline and keep you going for a longer run.

A set timeline ensures that you know what direction your actions are channelized to. You need to measure your progress at regular intervals, for example:

• Set weekly targets.

• Measure your weight.

• Choose a day and mark it on a calendar to know where you’re headed to.

When you see the scale trending down, you know that you’re on the right track with time.

2. Low-Calorie Meal Plan:

Are you an emotional eater? Do you eat more when you’re stressed, happy, upset, disappointed, feeling ecstatic? Do you tend to eat outside instead of packing your food or having home-cooked food?

To ensure that you’re trending towards a successful weight loss, a change is must.

Keep a tap on what and how much are you eating. For example:

• Practicing portion control

o Portion control helps you digest food easier. Eat all but small meals.

o Measure how much are you eating. For example: Eat from a plate rather than directly out of a package.

• How about a plant-based menu?

o Eating meat, eggs, or fish in every meal is not important. Including more veg cuisines could increase the quantity of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, for example: sprouts, oranges. Vitamin C ‘Citrus Acid’ helps shredding fat a little faster and its natural.

o These food items are rich in fiber and low in calories, which helps you feel full for a longer time.

o Whole-grain food may include pulses, cereals, brown rice.

o Include Lean Proteins in your diet:

This can include food items like, beans, egg-white, turkey, lean beaf, lean pork, products made from soy.

• Fat-free or low-fat products:

You would want to include items like, reduced fat-cheese, skim milk, low-fat yogurt. Liquid beverages majorly sweetened ones carry a pile of calories.

What To Avoid?

Products/items rich in high fat like ‘your love for mayonnaise’, fried food (isn’t it yummy!), desserts etc. Aren’t all these mouth-watering?

Well, here comes your discipline and determination to try avoiding these items in your meals. Prefer eating items which are probably steamed, grilled, or roasted.

How about some grilled cottage cheese sandwich or a portion of roasted chicken?


• Don’t eat with your emotions on the higher tide. You’d tend to eat more.

• Limit eating outside at restaurants which may include ingredients high in fat or large number of calories.

• When thirsty, let your thirst be satisfied with water, fresh fruit juice.

• Daily water intake shouldn’t be less than 3-4 liters a day.

• Try consuming a couple of glass of Luke-warm water empty stomach once you wake up. Helps you get rid of extra waste from your body.

• Do you drink? Bet you draw a line from a daily to a weekly routine of a glass or two only.

• Portion eating is all it takes.

Move Your Body!

Including a physical activity in your daily routine is a plus or icing-on the cake. Know your steps, get a pedometer or get even smarter, Google Fit, or a Fitbit band that

helps you keep a track of your steps.

• Smile and run a mile! Try increasing the distance with pace. If not, take a quick walk.

• Say no to elevators for a couple of floors, take stairs.

• Stretch your body: Try some basic yoga at home. Online tutorials, YouTube videos,

• Want to go wild? A functional exercise schedule is a recommendation. Try some basic exercises like high knee raises, planks, crunches, push-ups, skipping, squats and repeat it a few times. Your body needs to sweat a little. Remember no gain without pain!

You’re not just losing weight, also focus on loosing some inches out their to get your body in perfect shape. Remember:

o It takes 4 weeks, for you to notice a change

o 8 weeks for the people around you

o 12 weeks for the rest of the world and no stopping thereafter.

If you haven’t heard of the quoted statistics from ‘The National Weight Control Registry (NWCR)’ in the United States, then know almost 95% or people who lose weight just on a diet will regain in a few years or may be months.

Remind yourself, it isn’t just about losing it once, it is an ongoing process which takes all you’ve got alongside a strong determination, discipline and dedication to your goals.

Stay Fit! Stay Strong!

Stay Fit! Stay Strong!