Review: What One Doc’s 4-step Pico Laser treatment can do for your skin

Review: What One Doc’s 4-step Pico Laser treatment can do for your skin

there’s nevertheless a few reservations and misconceptions amongst the overall public at the method (read: ache and facet outcomes) of laser remedies.

Aser facial remedies aren’t new to splendor clinics. Modern, much less-invasive lasers including the pulsed-dye laser were round for as a minimum a decade, whilst greater extensive remedies like carbon dioxide lasers (which might be extensively utilized to deal with pores and skin cancer) date again a great deal longer.

Despite that, there’s nevertheless a few reservations and misconceptions amongst the overall public at the method (read: ache and facet outcomes) of laser remedies. PICO Laser Treatment in Islamabad If you’re one to fall below this category, we've got first-hand revel in that it’s now no longer as intimidating because it sounds.

Here’s our step-with the aid of using-step evaluate of the One Doc 4-step Pico Laser remedy, offering the maximum superior percent laser device withinside the country.

Step 1: Hydrofacial:

To enhance the efficacy of the remedy and maximise results, the remedy have to be executed on smooth pores and skin. Hence, step one includes a hydrofacial cleanse to put off dirt, impurities and micro organism at the pores and skin’s surface.

For a few (like yours truly), this will additionally require a guide extraction method, in particular when you have congested pores and skin. With it being our first ever extraction (some other intimidating remedy we've got do away with in favour of milder facials…till now), it grew to become out we had instead clogged pores. On hindsight, this turned into the maximum painful a part of the whole method, however it did assist extraordinarily with clearing our whiteheads, blackheads and extra sebum that may probably motive zits.

The hydrofacial itself turned into a great deal gentler, at some point of which the therapist used a hand-held tool to cleanse and exfoliate the pores and skin thru a painless vacuum suction. A vortex-like concoction of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and peptides is then added into the pores and skin for hydration and protection. Once finished, the therapist proceeded to use a numbing cream to put together us for the laser remedy.

Step 2: Pico laser remedy:

After ready approximately 20 mins for the cream to take effect, we flow directly to the second one step.we had been given unique laser treatment options of various levels.

To get us conversant in the laser revel in, he commenced off with a lower-stage hand piece out of six kinds that include the Picocare 450 tool, which boasts the fastest ‘gold standard’ pulse period withinside the market. This step turned into focused at brightening and enhancing pores and skin tone. Though it wasn’t a painless procedure, the needle-prick like sensations had been pretty bearable.

A short while later, he switched to a higher-stage hand piece focused at minimising pores and pigmentation in addition to inducing collagen remodelling. We determined then that the more potent putting additionally supposed greater ache, in particular at regions in which the pores and skin is thinner. Still, it had not anything at the extraction we had long gone thru in advance and with the aid of using the quit of it, the pricks had been however a intellectual word for this evaluate. In fact, we had been inside and out of the detailed percent laser remedy room in much less than 10 mins.

Step 3: OMEGA mild restoration remedy:

We spent the subsequent 15 mins or so taking a strength nap whilst the OMEGA mild restoration remedy labored its wonders. Designed to lessen pigmentation in addition to redness and inflammation, this red-mild emitting remedy allows to stimulate pores and skin restore and mobileular growth.

Step 4: Hyaluronic acid mask:

Finally, the method is finished with the same old skin care steps of making use of serum observed with the aid of using a hyaluronic acid mask. The cooling sensation allows to similarly calm any redness or tenderness at the pores and skin, at the same time as amazing elements supply a layer of hydration and moisture to seal the outcomes of the remedy. Our therapist crowned it off with sunscreen and we had been prepared to move again to paintings ninety mins once we walked into the clinic.

Results and post-remedy care:

Immediately after the remedy, we observed that the arrival of our pores had been smaller and appreciably decongested, leaving our pores and skin texture greater refined. A few cussed acne remained, however symptoms and symptoms of antique zits scars had been diminished. Our pores and skin tone turned into additionally brighter and greater radiant than before, even though elements of our face, in particular across the nostril and cheeks, had been nevertheless barely red.

The redness dwindled to a crimson after some hours and that subsided simply over an afternoon later. (Disclaimer: this will vary consistent with your pores and skin circumstance previous to remedy, however it shouldn’t remaining a number days). True to its claim, there has been little to no down-time post-remedy.