Can One Crystal Be Used To Heal Many Things ?

Can One Crystal Be Used To Heal Many Things ?

A single crystal works on many aspects of the user’s life, so the short answer is yes you can use a single crystal to heal many things.

Will the crystal become less effective if I use it to heal many aspects?

No, a crystal does not lose any effect as long as one person is using it. Once the crystal has become accustomed to the user, it will work on many layers that are calling out to be healed.

Does one have to set the intention many times? Or, mention/ intend everything that we want to heal when beginning to use a single crystal for various issues?

While it is recommended that the intention be set when beginning to work with a new crystal, it is okay to add more intentions over time as you keep working with the crystal. Adding a new intention doesn’t in any way mean that the old intentions and purposes will be erased. Crystals by nature, are intelligent and after being attuned to the user will begin the healing. The reason for intention setting is to have personal clarity and give the crystal the divine permission and direction to heal us.

Do I need to cleanse the crystal more often if I use it for more than one intention?

The cleansing of the crystal does not depend on the number of things or intentions that have been set. Maintaining a frequent cleansing routine that averages to once every two weeks is enough. If during the usage you feel the need to cleanse and recharge the crystal, it is ok to do so.

Can One Crystal Be Used To Heal Many Things ?

What are some common crystals to begin working with while wanting to focus on many things?

Amethyst is known as a master healer. Amethyst can work on lessening your phobias, fight addiction and help break any bad habits, awaken your higher chakras, work on the physical body enhancing the immune and endocrine system, help with better sleep and lessen fatigues and headaches while increasing your over all vibration.

Citrine works on purifying the negative energies in the surroundings, improving personal motivation and professional life, while detoxifying the physical body as well.

If the main focus is love, the go-to crystal is Rose Quartz. Rose quartz can work on romantic love, self-love, loving family relationships, and harmonious workplace relationships. Rose quartz has loving energy and surrounds every interaction with love, so if you have been feeling agitated, or unhappy, and are looking for a gentle presence all around, this crystal can help.

A stone to keep you safe while helping you navigate life changes is Labradorite, known as the stone of transformation it works on the physical body as well as mental and spiritual. Labradorite helps with the eyes, brain, hormones, digestion, and blood pressure while improving mental focus and clarity, along with surrounding the user with protective energy helping them navigate life.

Can One Crystal Be Used To Heal Many Things ?

Clear Quartz is a crystal that amplifies everything , whether it’s an intention or the healing properties of the other crystals being used or placed with it. It can help in meditation, and healing as well as in manifestation.