How to Install Canon Printer Driver on your System

How to Install Canon Printer Driver on your System

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Canon is a well-known company for manufacturing high-resolution cameras and other imaging devices. Canon offers you a wide range of printer models from home use as well as for the business. Every printer needs a printer driver for communicating with the PC. The printer driver acts as a communication channel between the PC and the printer. If you don’t install the driver on your device then your Canon printer won't be able to receive your print command and the Printer in error state message will appear. You have to install the driver in your PC for taking printouts.

If you have purchased a new Canon printer then you will get the driver CD with it. You can easily install the setup with the CD. Insert the CD on the CD drive and wait until an installer wizard appears. Click on the installer to run it. Now follow the on-screen commands for completing the driver installation process. After completing the installation process, you can easily take printouts from your Canon printer.

Download the Canon printer driver from the internet

If you don’t have a CD or CD drive then you can install the printer driver from the internet. You can easily find the printer driver on Canon website. But you should check a few things before installing the Canon driver.

Make sure you are installing the printer driver of your Canon model. Every Canon printer has a different printer driver. You need to install the correct printer driver. Along with the correct model, make sure you are installing a Canon driver which is compatible with your system. Printer drivers are different for different operating systems. You must install the Canon printer driver for your OS. Here are the steps for downloading the Canon printer driver on your system:

  • Open your Web browser
  • Go to Canon website
  • Navigate to Drivers
  • Search for your Printer Model
  • You will be redirected to a Download Page
  • Now choose your Operating System, Country, Language etc
  • Hit the Download button

The Canon printer driver will start downloading on your PC. Wait until the downloading process completes and then go to the Downloads folder for installing the setup.

Canon Printer Driver Installation

  • From the Downloads, search for the Canon printer driver setup
  • Click on the setup to run the installer
  • The printer driver will take a few seconds for checking the resources
  • End-User License Agreement will appear on the screen
  • Read the License and click on Agree and Install button

Now follow the on-screen commands and complete the installation process. Restart your device and now connect your Canon printer to the PC. Now connect the printer and PC with a USB cable. Go to the Start menu and navigate to Settings. From the Settings page, click on Devices. Now click on the “Add a printer” option. Wait until the PC detects your Canon printer. Once you see the Canon printer on the list, click on it. Now follow the on-screen commands.

For a Wireless printer

If you want to connect the Wireless printer then you have to connect the printer with a Wi-Fi network. Search for the home network SSID. Now enter the password on your network. Once complete, it will find your printer automatically. If you face any error while installing the Canon printer driver on your device then try resetting the printer.

How to reset Canon Printer?

  • Go to your Canon printer and click on Setup
  • Now press the arrow button and click on Device settings
  • Hit the Ok button
  • Again press the Arrow button and navigate to Reset All option

Hit the Yes button and now your Canon printer is reset to factory settings. If you are still unable to fix the Canon printer errors then you can ask the Canon team for help.