How to disable the antivirus program temporarily in Windows PC

How to disable the antivirus program temporarily in Windows PC

My blog shares the tips and tricks to disable the antivirus program temporarily in Windows PC.

People install antivirus on the PC to keep it safe and secure from all the dangerous malware, and other threats. When you install the antivirus, it offers you various advanced tools to prevent the threats. But sometimes your antivirus may get into some issues so you may have to disable your antivirus temporarily. Most of the time this error appears when you have to access a flash drive but your antivirus is blocking it. This happens when you are trying to access any malicious file. But sometimes, your antivirus wrongly identifies the save file as malicious and then blocks it. If you are sure that the file is safe and you have to access the file then you can disable the antivirus temporarily and then try to access the file. After accessing the file, make sure to enable your antivirus otherwise malware may attack your device.

Disabling antivirus from the Windows Notification area:

Close your running programs

Hover your mouse to the taskbar

Now right-click on the antivirus

Hit the disable button

In some antivirus programs, you may need to make the changes by using the programs’ menu.

While browsing the internet, if you click on a URL but your antivirus is now allowing the website; you are accessing a dangerous URL. If you are sure that the site is secure then disable your firewall to access the URL. Firewalls may also block your network while playing online games. If you want to play the game without any bothersome then disable your antivirus firewall. Activate Norton product key offers you the best firewall which makes sure that you are safe on the internet. It blocks all the suspicious URLs from accessing your network. If you want to disable Norton antivirus temporarily then you can disable it from the taskbar. In case, you are unable to disable Norton antivirus from the taskbar then directly disable it from the dashboard.

Here are the steps for disabling Norton antivirus temporarily:

Click on Norton antivirus

Norton dashboard will appear

Go to Settings option

Click on Disable Auto-Protect option

A dialog box will appear for the confirmation

Click on the Yes button

Now choose the time duration. You can also use the manual option where you have to enable your Norton antivirus manually. If you choose the automatic option then your Norton antivirus will get enabled after the opted period. Now hit the OK button.

Disabling Norton’ Firewall

Open your Norton antivirus

Go to the Settings

Choose Firewall option

Visit the General Settings on the Smart Firewall

Now toggle the switch to Off

Hit the Apply button

Now again open your web browser and click on the URL you want to access. In case, you are still getting the errors while accessing the URL that means you are trying to access a broken URL. Check the URL carefully and then open it. You should also enable your firewall immediately to prevent all the internet threats from entering your device. Whenever you disable your antivirus or any feature of your antivirus, you should take few preventive measures while performing any job to ensure that no threat is entering the data or you are not dealing with any malware.