7 most dangerous malware threats in 2020

7 most dangerous malware threats in 2020

My blog based on malware threats in 2020.

Technology is evolving every day; so the threats. Viruses and other malware are growing with an intolerance speed. Today data and identity security have become the most concerned topic. If you become a victim of any malware or hacker then you may have to face various problems. Cybercriminals are finding new techniques to hack your devices. If you don’t take preventive measures then cybercriminals can easily hack your device and steal your crucial information like your bank details, passwords, etc. Using data preventive measures is the only way of keeping yourself safe. You can install Norton setup with product key because this antivirus suite provides various features and tools for data security. Another measure against these threats is awareness. You can also detect the threat if you know about it.

Most dangerous malware threats of 2020

Clop Ransomware

The world is dealing with ransomware from the year 2017. Ransomware is getting more and more powerful. This malware encrypts your file and then asks for a ransom to the hacker to decrypt it back. Among various ransomware programs, Clop is the latest and the most dangerous threat. This ransomware targets Windows users as most of the people work on Windows devices. Clop ransomware is a very sneaky threat because it blocks more than 600 processes and disables various Windows 10 applications along with Security Essentials and Windows Defender before encrypting the data. Now it also starts attacking the whole network of devices like college devices, company devices, etc.

Fake Windows Update

It is a kind of hidden ransomware as the hackers send emails regarding urgent updates on Windows operating system updates. You will get a “latest Windows updates” message which is ransomware in nature. When you click on download the update button; ransomware gets installed on your computer which acts as a cyborg. This cyborg encrypts your files and programs and then asks for a ransom to decrypt it.

Zeus Gameover

Zeus is a known name for viruses and malware. Zeus Gameover is one of the most dangerous threats. It is a kind of Trojan that disguised itself as a legitimate program. Zeus Gameover is used for stealing your sensitive data like credit card and other bank details which results in stealing the funds. Zeus Gameover doesn’t even require a centralized command and control server which means it can easily bypass all the centralized servers and then create independent servers for sending the data. In simple words, you can’t trace your data.


Ransomware as a Service is getting more and more famous nowadays. People are hiring professional hackers for attacking their rivals’ devices and networks. RaaS is becoming a major concern as it not only harms the devices but also encourages techies for wrongdoing.

News Malware Attacks

This is a very common and very potential malware. Cybercriminals send stories, news, and articles regarding current events like COVID-19outbreak. Criminals send an email that looks fully legitimate. They describe the topic and then show a link. If a person clicks on the link; malware gets installed on the device which can steal all the personal and other crucial details from the device.

IoT Device Attacks

IoT is becoming huge in 2020. You can see various advanced tools like video doorbells, smart speakers, etc. But people are not aware that hackers can use your IoT devices against you. If these devices are not installed properly under full security measures, hackers can easily get access and use them as monitoring devices that result in blackmailing or stalking activities.


Cryptojacking malware is designed for hacking cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. However, crytojacking attacks have dropped this year. But it is still one of the major cybersecurity concerns.

There are various other cyber threats like AI attacks, social engineering, fleeceware, SpyEye (Zeus family), Ice IX, Bugat, etc that can continuously try to hack your device and data. If you want better security then you must adopt all the possible security measures.