How To Solve Common Rug Care Problems!

How To Solve Common Rug Care Problems!

Do you have an oriental rug in your house? Then you'll want to look after it so it can be with you & your family. Here are some tips for keeping it like new.

Most of us have at least one rug in our homes, whether that is a regular shop-bought rug or a more valuable option such as an oriental rug. These rugs help make our homes cosy, warm and inviting. Their beautiful colour and patterns can add interest to any home!

However, if you have a rug in your house, you will also know that there are lots of common rug care problems that can arise! Whether it’s a spilt glass of wine, muddy feet traipsing through the house, or naughty pet claws, there are many hazards that put your beloved rug at risk.

Some of these problems can be fixed at home, and others may need the help of a professional rug cleaning company. If your rug is Oriental, then it is even more crucial to ensure it gets the correct rug care if you want to keep it in good condition. Even though they are high quality and made to last, they can still feel the effects of everyday wear and tear.

And, of course, even if your rug isn’t oriental, it still requires regular maintenance to make it last as long as possible while continuing to look its best!


Shedding refers to when loose fibres come away from your rug. All rugs are made in different ways, with various fibres. This means that they will shed different amounts depending on the quality of your rug. Synthetic fibres are more likely to shed when exposed to heavy foot traffic.

New rugs usually shed when you buy them, so don’t be too alarmed! It will usually stop after a few months, depending on what fibre your rug is made from.

Regular vacuuming can help to remove excess fibres from your rug. However, if your rug is no longer new and is still shedding a lot, you may want to get the opinion of a professional rug cleaning expert, especially if your rug is of high quality and value!

Tough Stains

We’ve all been there… a spilt coffee, a glass of red wine knocked over, or a plate of bright red curry dropped on the floor… stains and spillages are a part of our busy and hectic lives! But there's no need to panic over a spill.

When spillages occur, it’s essential to act fast. The sooner it is cleaned up, the less chance that it will leave permanent damage. To begin with, try to remove as much liquid as possible by dabbing it gently with a cloth or kitchen towel. Then use a damp cloth to get as much of the spillage out of your rug as possible. The help of a professional rug cleaner is always a good idea, as they can choose the correct methods to help remove the stain. With the proper rug stain remover, it can be removed in no time!

Insect Damage

Many insects love to make their homes in a nice cosy rug! Dust mites, moths and many other bugs can not only live in your rugs but cause severe damage to them.

This is primarily a risk factor if part of your rug is under any large furniture items. If this furniture is not moved to vacuum underneath it, it creates an ideal breeding ground for bugs. These pests can eat away at the fibres of your rug, leaving bald spots and threadbare areas of the rug. Not to mention the sticky larvae and webbing they can produce.

If you spot any signs of bug infestation on your rug, it might not be too late to save it! Call your local professional in rug cleaning, and they will have the right products and tools for the job.

But how can you prevent these infestations from occurring in the first place? It’s important to regularly move furniture so you can vacuum the rug or carpet underneath it. This will help prevent bugs from making their homes there. It’s also crucial to keep rugs clean and not leave any spills or food residue on them that could attract pests.

So regular professional rug cleaning and vacuuming is essential to protect your rug from pest damage!


Oriental Rug Cleaning - Soiling

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

Soiling is a very common problem which refers to any kind of dirt or debris that can make its way onto your rug. And when rugs are placed in areas of the home with heavy foot traffic, you will inevitably experience rug soiling!

Most soil can be vacuumed or cleaned with gentle detergent and water. Although if you have an oriental rug, it’s essential to be careful with what kind of chemicals and rug stain removers you use on it, as you don’t want to damage the delicate fibres.

To try and prevent or reduce the amount of soiling on your rug, make sure to keep your home clean and remove dirty shoes at the door! Regular vacuuming and home cleaning help to keep soiling to a minimum and ensure your rug is kept in top condition.

Faded Colours

How To Solve Common Rug Care Problems!

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Another common problem is when the vibrant colours in your rug begin to fade away. Many things can cause your rug to fade, including sun exposure, dirt, and just everyday wear and tear. Certain chemicals can also cause accelerated fading, so you must be careful with what products you use on your carpet!

If you want to prevent your rug from fading prematurely, ensure it does not receive too much direct sunlight. This might mean moving it to another location, keeping the blinds closed when the room is not in use or turning it regularly.

But if your carpet is starting to look dull or faded, don’t throw it away and get a new one! It still might be possible to save it. Some carpets are faded simply because of a build-up of dirt and dust. A professional rug cleaning could be what it needs to restore its original vibrancy!

Pet Problems

How To Solve Common Rug Care Problems!

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Our pets may be our best friends, but they are definitely NOT our carpet's friends! If you own cats, you’re probably already aware of the damage that can be caused by their claws! And this is no exception when it comes to rugs. If your cats claw at the rug, it can cause severe and possibly irreversible damage. The same applies to dogs, mainly when they chew on your carpet.

If you want to prevent this damage, it’s best to train pets not to chew or scratch your carpet. If your rug is particularly valuable, such as an oriental rug, it could be best to keep it in a room where the door can be closed to keep pets out while you’re not around.

Importance of Regular Rug Care

How To Solve Common Rug Care Problems!

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So those are our top rug care problems and their solutions! Rugs must be vacuumed and cleaned regularly to keep them free from problems, but make sure to get the help of a professional rug cleaning expert if you are unsure about any rug care concerns!

When rugs are well-cared for and maintained, they will look their best and last for a long time in your beautiful home!