Affiliate Marketing Strategy Revealed

Affiliate Marketing Strategy Revealed

Scale up your affiliate biz even without prior experience or a huge subscriber’s list and still travel light years ahead of your competitors!

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to get started online, take it or leave it!

As an affiliate marketer, you don’t get to bother about;

✔ Market research

✔ Product creation

✔ Technical or customer support

✔ Marketing costs, etc.

You simply sell, dash off with your juicy $$$ commissions and abandon the product creator to handle all the costs alone!

Whether you’re looking to start out or scale up your affiliate marketing biz, you’ll be faced with this one question;

How do you tell what affiliate offers will convert before you invest your time and resources to promote it?

The answer is simple; TESTING.

Yeah, product testing till you find what works…

Ughhh! That sounds pretty crazy, right?

Yeah, and thankfully, it’s the old and expensive way…

Here's a new app called Postley that brings a brand new and much easier method to get around this.

As a matter of fact, one proven way to know if a product is worth promoting, is to find out if other marketers are paying for traffic to promote it.

If yes, it shows they are spending money to make more money, meaning it’s a hot selling and highly profitable offer!

And this is where this new app comes in…

The app, allows you to easily search thru its robust database, to see all ads (live and past) for any given niche or product.

It allows you run a search on it’s robust database of over 91 million ads from 203 countries and 15 million advertisers.

You can search based on;

✔ Keywords

✔ Competitors name or store URL, and even

✔ Product name

You can run a search to;

Validate the viability of a product - simply enter product name to see if other marketers are running ads to promote it.

See the ad copy, ad image, country or city of target, demography and all other information about your competitor’s ad, so you can replicate the same for yourself.

Looking for what’s currently hot?

Then search for ads based on the niche you're interested in and you’ll get all the trending product’s ads pulled up in an instant.

With Postley you can easily start out or scale up your affiliate biz even without prior experience or a huge subscriber’s list and still travel light years ahead of your competitors even before they realize it.

If you’re really serious to get ahead as an affiliate then you need this app in your arsenal.