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What Kind of Klusster should I build?

You know, Klusster is only limited by your imagination.

What Kind of Klusster should I build?

Below are ideas that can help your business get more visibility online.

You are a Health Professional

As a health professional, you subscribe likely to an over all health philosophy and no matter how strong you are you realized that other health professionals service people in a way you don't.

As a consumer, I am really interested in reading about LOCAL health options.  I want to know about treatments for my back, better nutrition, strong mental well being.  I'd also love to see it and easily follow it in a single place.  Many health professionals write incredible articles, but they are hard to find as the are in so many different places online.

It would be great to see a group of health professionals writing in a central location so that I can learn and develop trust in a single place.

You are a Real Estate Professional

Already as a real estate professional, you help your clients in so many ways by referring a contractor, cleaning service company, interior designer and more.

As a consumer, I would be interested in reading about ways I can value my home before the sale that are worth the money.  I'd be interested in reading why I should invest in a kitchen, a home stager or even just a good coat of paint.  But I'd like to see visually in a single ONLINE location, what these business have done in the past.

For me, a Klusster surrounding home services professionals would be very worth while.

You are a restaurant owner/manager

Have you ever been travelling and come across a quaint row of restaurants with menus readily displayed out front?  STOP, this is 15-20 COMPETING restaurants all working together.  Because they know, that the larger the choice, the more chances someone will eat.

As a consumer, I would LOVE to see the newest dished offered by the local business.  This would significantly increase my chances of going out for dinner.  But I want choice. I want to see restaurants that work together to increase my appetite. IF you are a local restaurant, there is incredible opportunity.

Why not get together with 10-15 local businesses and create a Klusster of fresh amazing dishes available at your respective restaurants.  Think like a consumer...would this make you hungry? I bet it would...

You service businesses

Locally, there are so many great business service providers. One service professional can't possibly provide everything that is needed.  Businesses need marketing services, insurance services, staffing services, legal services, accounting services and so much more.

As a consumer of these services, I legitimately want to read what you might have to offer.  I want to know new accounting rules that may affect my bottom line. I want to know hidden costs in commercial real estate. And I don't want to go all over the internet looking for this.  I want a single destination where business to business professionals are constantly providing me with education.  That's how I will conduct business with them.

You are a travel blogger

There are SOOOOO many incredible travel blogs.  Different writers, with different styles.  Different destinations.  But, there are also so many places to visit around the world, it is IMPOSSIBLE for one blogger to cover all of the destinations.

As a consumer of travel blogs, I would love it if bloggers got together and combined their works so I could read 10-20 articles on Spain, or see the best amusement parks in the world or best sailing destinations.  By reading these articles in a single Klusster, every blogger gets more visibility.

We help businesses get more exposure online.  We work with businesses an marketing professionals to do so.  If you are interested, we can help guide you on building a Klusster.


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