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Get a group, form a Klusster... get leads!!

You are a business owner. You are ready to get found & you have great knowledge to share. You just don't have the platform to help you deliver that knowledge...

Get a group, form a Klusster... get leads!!

...now you do!

It really doesn't matter what you do. You might be a charity, a small business, a shopping plaza, a health professional. Regardless, you likely are trying to reach a similar audience as someone else. If that's the case, why not work together and lighten the load?

As consumers, we want our information centrally located.

So why are so many businesses working alone?  Partnering with other businesses is the easiest way to build your business.

What is a Klusster?

A Klusster is a group of businesses that work together to build a branded online magazine.

In 2016, 25 health related businesses in Waterloo, Ontario got together and using Klusster they built an eMagazine called "Healthy Waterloo Region"  That eMagazine now has over 100,000 articles read each year.

The life coach was was talking about the naturopath, and the naturopath was bragging about the chiropracter, all the while staying true to their business.

Who Wins?  Both the business owner and the consumer!

Klusster is Easy

  1. No need to build a website - get up and running in minutes
  2. Assemble content to form your own magazine FAST
  3. Easily monitor your group - See who is participating and who is going along for the ride.
Get a group, form a Klusster... get leads!!

Are you ready for constant referrals?

Here is what you need. We will do the rest!

  1. You need to love telling people about your business
  2. You need to know a group of business that want to reach a similar audience
  3. You have, or are starting to have social media

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Klusster Media has driven over 35 Million people to various websites through proper SEO. With an amazing service partner base, we help LOCAL businesses develop long term easy strategies to consistently drive more leads online.


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