Do you live mindfulness & balance?

Do you live mindfulness & balance?
over 1 year ago

So I have recently turned the big 5-0 and the concept of balance has once again been depleted. How is your concept of mindfulness and balance?

Mindfulness & Balance

When I think about what consumes my time these days, my mind shifts to the concept of NOW and THEN

The picture above is THEN.  I don't remember that moment very well.  I have an idea where we were because of the depth of the water and the age of the kids, but that actual moment??  I can't say I remember it.  Sadly.  It looks like it was fun.

Oh I remember lots of times, for certain, but I am sure the times I don't remember are 10 fold to those I do.

So if you are under 50, I am going to give you some simple advice!

Live In The Moment

The funny thing about this advice is that my son, in that picture, now 20+ thinks the concept of MINDFULNESS (Living in the moment) is crazy.

He thinks the concept of meditation is a loosy goosy concept that I shouldn't participate in.

I am wiser now, and I am 100% convinced that a big key to life (as hard as it is) to focus in the exact moment you are in.  When you do this you increase the chances of re-living moments like the time you kids played in the waves.

In Order To Live In These Moments

In order to truly have these moments, you have to find a balance between all the things that consume you.  Your hobbies matter.  Your relationships (all of them) matter. Your time alone matters. Your kids matter. Your work matters.

We live in a society that is overwhelming.  Coaching sports. Cooking meals. Driving here and there. The options to entertain us are also incredible.

Find Balance

Find Balance

I have two pieces of advice.

1) Separate your time wisely.  Balance.  If you like sports. If you like spending time with certain people, if you like work, cleanly allocate your time.

2) WIthin these time chunks, focus 100% on what you are doing at the time. Mindfulness.  It goes back to my first thought.  If you focus on the moment, 20-30 years later, you will remember these moments and get to relive the joy for a moment in your own head for a moment.

Don't take my word for it.  Here is a very useful article on mindfulness. Hint: when you read it, only focus on that one article.

We also love this article on balance. It provides a clear understanding of the power of living a life rich in diversity.

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