Winter Is Coming: Sign Maintenance Tips

Winter Is Coming: Sign Maintenance Tips

Winter is coming! The harsh cold and heavy snow can cause some damage. Here are our top tips for signage maintenance.

Winter Is Coming: Sign Maintenance Tips

If you have an outdoor sign, you want to take a few steps to keep it in optimal shape. The harsh cold and heavy snow can cause some damage. By being proactive, you will prevent any problems with your signage. Not only will your sign continue to look great and attract customers, but this signage can operate for many years to come. Winter is coming! Here are our top tips for signage maintenance.

Clean Regularly

When it is cold outside, the last thing you want to do is head out with a bucket and sponge. However, those outdoor signs need some deep cleaning. If your sign is close to the walkway or driveway, then road salt, ice, or dirty snow can splash on the surface.

Image is everything for your business. Take a few minutes and wipe down those signs. When the sign is dirty, it is less visible to your returning and new customers, making a limited impact on your business. Even though it is cold, make sure to get outside at least once a week. Conduct a thorough cleaning of the sign. Take a sponge or mop and scrub down the sign. However, be careful using extremely hot water. It can actually crack the surface of your sign if the outside temperatures are frigid.

The signs are hard to reach in many cases, but they still need to be cleaned. Apply cleaner to an extendable mop. Just add some cleanser on the pad and wash your signs. With a bit of elbow grease, you can keep your signs looking attractive and bright.

While cleaning your signage, watch out for any signs of damage. Heavy snow and ice can cause problems for your sign, including cracking the surface or chipping the paint. If you spot any issues, make sure to get them fixed as soon as possible.

Clear Off All Snow

Snow looks pretty, but it can blanket your sign, making it less visible. Take a few minutes to brush away the snow. If your sign is high in the air, it might be time to invest in the right tools for the job. Always have an extendable snow brush. With that, you can easily reach the sign and remove any snow.

You might think that those LED lights will generate enough heat to melt away the snow, but that is rarely the case. These lights don’t throw off enough heat. Always plan to go outside and take off the snow and ice. Snow removal is another essential maintenance chore that you should do during the winter.

Check the Winter Forecast

Winter weather can be tricky. In some locations, you could be dealing with a neverending forecast of wind, snow, and ice. These weather elements can cause your lightboxes to develop condensation. Freezing temperatures pose risks to your signs, especially with extreme lows. Some plastic signs will crack if there is a significant fluctuation in temperatures.

Ice is another concern. It is known to warp signs and peel off paint. By checking out the weather forecast, you can prepare your signs for the upcoming weather. You might even want to protect them from the elements to prevent any damage.

Protect Your Sign

Some signs are more vulnerable to wintry weather than others. You need to be careful with digital signs. LED or digital signs need some special care in the winter.

First, you always want to inspect the seals of these signs. If there are any loose parts, get them fixed. Otherwise, moisture could leak into your sign and damage the interior components.

LED lights are designed to work between 59 and 77 degrees. If it gets too cold, you might notice problems in their performance. There are some heating solutions that can keep your sign working within the optimal performance range. Think about using weather-resistant housing for these signs. You can also use specially designed insulation that will maintain the temperature of your LEDs.

Inspect the Mounting

Whether you have cabinet signs, channel letters, or another type of sign, they are often mounted to the building. The winter weather can weaken those mountings. You always want to inspect those components throughout the winter season. These brackets can warp during those thaw and freeze cycles that occur with a buildup of snow and ice.

A harsh winter wind has been known to rip these signs from the building. Take a few minutes to inspect the locations of your signs. A quick checkup can save you from a few headaches in the future.

Don’t forget about the signage poles too. While these structures are durable, snow and ice can weaken the lower half of the pole. You always want to take time to shovel or sweep the snow away from this area. Make sure that this structure is still steady. During the winter, snowplows can accidentally hit your signage poles. If you can move the pole back and forth, it needs to be fixed. A pole in this condition is ready to fall down to the ground, taking your sign with it.

Along with that, inspect those other places where the sign is mounted. You should fix any unstable surface as soon as possible. Rusting or cracked anchors need to be replaced. When the harsh winter weather comes to town, it can damage your sign and the mounting.

Hire a Professional

Finally, if you are just too busy with your business, consider hiring a professional sign maintenance company for the job. These professionals will inspect and clean your signage, making sure it is ready for the winter. With that, you can maintain your business signs even during the coldest days of winter.

Maintaining a sign can be challenging, especially in the winter. With these steps, you can make sure your sign looks great through the wind, ice, and snow.