Types of Monument Signs that Grab The Most Attention

Types of Monument Signs that Grab The Most Attention

When you are trying to mark an entrance or draw attention to your storefront or commercial property, monument signs are by their very nature a landmark sight.

Types of Monument Signs that Grab The Most Attention

How effective is a sign? It depends on where you put it and what kind of sign it is. When you are trying to mark an entrance or draw attention to your storefront or commercial property, monument signs are by their very nature a landmark sight. These signs engage with the passerby, attracting their attention and persuading to make that stop. But your monument sign might not be as effective as you want it to be if you don’t make some considerations about the type, placement, and other factors.

Let’s have a look at different types of monument signs and the factors that make each one shine.

What Are Monument Signs?

Monument signs can also be called free-standing signs. These signs are attached directly to the ground with posts for stability. You will see these signs out front of hotels, housing divisions, churches, and other businesses that like a sophisticated design and high durability. A well-designed monument sign can even become a piece of permanent advertising that looks attractive and increases awareness of your brand and business location.

You can learn more about these signs and their benefits on our dedicated monument sign page.

How Are Monument Signs Constructed?

Depending on your location, the body of the sign might change. For example, unilluminated monument signs in dryer regions are often comprised of armored bead foam. Meanwhile, places with high moisture, like the coastline, require materials resistant to warping and rusting.

Common construction components include:

  • Aluminum – pliable, sturdy, does not rust, and can be painted.
  • Polymer-based paint – creates a durable, attractive sign that does not require repainting for many years.
  • Mounted letters – these are usually dimensional letters (channel letters) that can either be unlit or illuminated, made of transparent or colored acrylic.
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What Are The Different Styles of Monument Signs?

Now let’s have a look at the different kinds of monument signs you can choose from:

Panel and Post Signs

A post-and-panel sign, as they sometimes referred to, are very useful and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most signs of this type are lightweight, versatile, and usually display helpful information. The color combinations for the sign are infinite, as is the material the sign itself is made out of. Some people might like the rustic look of a wooden panel while others prefer a plastic panel. These signs can also work well both in the daylight and night, since you can add externally illuminated backgrounds.

Banner and Pylon Signs

Do you have a long driveway or a myriad of long poles throughout the area that you can make use of? Then why not consider a banner and pylon sign? These can truly level up your marketing endeavors. Pole banners do what their name entails—they are flags that hang from a pole or pylon, like a lamppost, and can be hung throughout the year. Usually, though, you see pole banners during events, such as changes in the season, or to announce something happening around a campus or other expansive business or commercial area.

Pylon signs are slightly different from banners, but the height is about the same. Pylon signs utilize a single cabinet that is situated between two poles or posts and usually stands high enough to be seen at a great distance. These work best for locations with multiple businesses housed in a single building or industrial zone.

Digital Displays

Here is a more modern take on monument signs: the digital display. Outdoor digital displays can come in a number of designs and include more elegant features like masonry or landscaping. The information displayed on the LED panel is up to you, but most businesses select to announce promotions, recent updates, weather and traffic news, and directions to your business to grab the attention of the passerby.

Reader Boards

Although these are the least exciting type of monument sign, reader boards are also very functional. These signs are ideal for properties with multiple tenants. Most reader boards have removable sections, so you can change the information around. For example, if one store leaves the shopping plaza, the business name can be swapped out or reordered as the plaza changes. Because of this flexibility, reader boards are the most common type of monument sign you will see.

What Are Factors In Sign Effectiveness?

There are three factors that influence how effective your monument sign will be: environment, distance, and color contrast.

One question a sign manufacturer often asks is where you are located and what the color scheme of the environment is. For example, is your business found on a busy corner or within a shopping center? What kind of landscaping surrounds your property? This is because the height of trees and competing business, traffic flow, and so on will change the overall design of the monument sign.

The same reasoning applies to distance. You want your sign to be visible, and you want it to do a good job in attracting visitors if the edifice of your business is not visible from the road, as well. People need to be able to the see the sign from a way off, so they can get to you more easily.

Lastly, you want a design that will complement the environment and the architecture of the building well. This ensures an appealing design that welcomes people to your location rather than driving them away.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you know that there are four kinds of monument signs with distinct uses, you can start to figure out which sign will attract the most people for your business. Remember, you have to consider your location, surroundings, and even the distance of your business from the road.

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