5 Qualities of the Best Printing Press for Your Brand

5 Qualities of the Best Printing Press for Your Brand

Looking for a new printing press? Look for experience, technology, and sustainable printing methods. Read on for a complete layout of your printing needs.

The best printing press is the one that can cater to all your printable marketing needs. Irrespective of what your business size is, your printing company must cater to indoor and outdoor printing requirements. The same way you expect Cox cable deals to meet your needs. Printing press must also cater to outdoor marketing material like billboard signs, custom posters, and shopping bags. But they can also cover vehicle wraps, caps, and T-shirts. As a business, you should deal with one company that fulfills all your printing needs.

Most of the new printing machines in the market are internet-based. Once installed, you just need to set up the relevant software on your computers and order all your prints over the network. Know Your

Printing Requirements

First and foremost is your business requirement. Unless you know exactly what you require, you can’t tell the printer what to print. Don’t let your printer dictate to you what you need. Instead, trust your marketing strategy and based on your strategy work out your printing demands.

Your campaign is to distribute promotional flyers in an area, you should know how and how many. The answer to the latter part is the number of flyers that you would order the printer to print for you. For this campaign, it would be futile to get promotional gift items printed too.

Unless you have a good marketing budget, and storage capacity, it's better to get the printing done as you need it. If your marketing strategy is to go from one campaign to another, then by all means get everything printed and stored.

Good Printers Always Offer Advice

A good printing press will suggest various printing options. They can advise on how and where to cut costs to stay within the budget. This could be on quantities, the number of colors used in printing, quality of paper, and size.

They may also suggest efficient ways of completing a printing-based project. Say your project is to post high-definition catalogs in simple one-colored logo envelopes. It’s possible that they may suggest you another company for the envelopes. It can also be that the company suggested specializes in printing envelopes. They might also have the manpower to put catalogs into envelopes and post them.

If you accept their suggestion, your work will be done professionally and efficiently. Most likely you will save time, cost, and effort in accepting the suggestion.

Digital Printing Capability

Another thing to look for when searching for a good printer is its capability to do digital printing. Digital Printing is now taking over offset printing, which requires dye casts for each color. Digital printing can take any image from the web or in PDF format, and send it directly to the digital printer which transforms the image into its printed form. It saves time and gives a high-quality product.

Digital printers used in architectural drawing, have made immense technological progress. Architectural drawings need larger printing capabilities which are now available in digital printers. They are fast, accurate, and affordable. They have the capability of dividing a bigger plan into various sub-sections. Each section can then be labeled with details that are easier to understand even for non-technical people.

Software like AutoCAD, Maya, and Grasshopper makes architectural layouts easier and more interesting. Such software has 3D capability as well.

Geographic Proximity

It might be losing its importance in today’s world of online work. In my opinion, it's important to hire a printing press in easily reachable proximity, like within the same city. Despite doing business over emails and video calls, there are situations where physical

meetings, follow-up, or inspections are required. Unless the printing press is within approachable proximity, it becomes difficult to inspect the results.

Another benefit of having the printers in the same city is the ease of delivery. A project delayed due to late deliveries of the printed material can cost the company heavy losses. Choose a company that is in the same city.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Saving our ecosystem and becoming a green company is the call of the day. There are many benefits to going green. These green campaigns have opened up a new area of eco-friendly products and procedures. Technology is not far behind taking these initiatives. The printing industry has also adopted various eco-friendly practices.

Many companies are going green to reduce their environmental footprint. This gives them higher approval ratings from their customers. It builds their reputation as a responsible company, just by respecting the environment.

The first step towards going green is to use sustainable printing methods. Ask your printing press if they use sustainable printing methods. This would include using

LED UV printing.

Recycled Paper 101.

Digital Printing

Carbon balanced paper and print.

Uncoated paper.

Companies can adopt all of the above suggested sustainable printing practices without losing on quality, cost, or time. They gain respectability, trust, and an eco-aware customer base.