Home Alone And Safe

Home Alone And Safe

Our Home Alone class gives parents and children peace of mind. Prepare your child with First Aid & Safety Skills for those times they need to be alone at home.

It happens to even the most conscientious of parents. Circumstances beyond your control dictate that your child, or children, will need to be left home alone some time in the near future.

Maybe it’s just for half an hour, for an evening or for the entire day, but doubts and worries flood your mind. Are they old enough? The Canada Safety Council recommends that they be at least 10 years of age, but it also depends on the maturity and comfort level of each child. Are they responsible and obedient enough to follow instructions? Or will they bring home friends and start blasting video games and music?

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It's never too soon to learn about Safety and First Aid

Doubtless, you have already instilled in them some basic rules of safety such as: do not open the door to strangers and under no circumstances invite a stranger in. And you have written down the names and numbers of neighbours or relatives they can call upon if in need of assistance. Plus you are confident they can recite their full name and address correctly when calling for help.

If the prospect of being left home alone arouses genuine nervousness, either with you or your child, maybe now is the time to stage a “what if” rehearsal as you pose questions as to what they would do in a variety of circumstances. It’s also a good idea to try leaving your child or children unsupervised for thirty minutes as you disappear to quietly observe behaviour and reactions.

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We’re Ready To Help

If you’re looking for a more effective way to dispel this nervousness, St. John Ambulance is here with an excellent instruction course which is sure to instill confidence in your offspring. Our Home Alone course, devised by the Canadian Safety Council, is available to youngsters within the 9 to 11-year range and covers the full spectrum of emergencies a child alone may encounter.

This one-day course also affords your child the important opportunity to experience the camaraderie and confidence of learning alongside others of the same age.

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St. John Ambulance Instructors are highly trained and monitored

In a non-threatening atmosphere, children can learn how to recognize and react to numerous hazards, as well as how to follow common-sense home safety procedures, including how to effectively use 911. Fire is always a present danger, so they will learn how to react promptly and sensibly. In addition, they’ll even learn the basics of healthy eating in order to prepare sensible snacks safely.

And in case your child’s home alone experience results in an accident, our Home Alone course also initiates youngsters into the Basics of First Aid. This is a valuable course neither you nor your family can afford to miss.

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Next classes:  May 31st, June 28th, July 11th, July 24th  $45, Tax Free. To register, please call St. John Ambulance at  519-579-6285. www.sja.ca

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