Invest in your child and in the basics of successful babysitting

Invest in your child and in the basics of successful babysitting

Babysitting is a big responsibility. St. John Ambulance is here to help. Our Babysitting course equips new babysitters with skills and confidence!

By Mary C. Kenessey

For the average eager young entrepreneur, the first venture into the adult world of business often takes the form of a job as babysitter.

While this can prove an exciting opportunity for a youngster to grow in self confidence and self esteem, at St. John Ambulance we realize that the task of taking on temporary responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of an infant is very serious business indeed.

That’s why St. John Ambulance is there for you and your offspring with Babysitting Basics, a full-day course covering everything that’s essential for successful babysitting.

Ideal for youngsters aged 11 to 14 years, this intensive course offers its participants the knowledge, experience and skills required to effectively take care of infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers, a task that can often prove daunting even for adult babysitters.

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Learn from the experts

To help you we assembled a team of experts. In turn, they have pooled their expertise and extensive experiences to present a program that will result in you and your young babysitter gaining in both competence and confidence. This team comprises child care professionals, trained babysitters, St. John Ambulance first aid instructors and, of course, parents.

Babysitting Course St. John Ambulance Kitchener Waterloo

The St. John Ambulance Babysitting Course is for new sitters aged 11 to 14 years

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Here’s a chance for your prospective babysitter to learn how to keep a lively pre-schooler happily occupied, how to keep protective tabs on a curious toddler and how to read the signals from a tiny baby. Even more importantly, this course offers advice on the various emergencies that could arise and how to handle them, as well as vital training in basic first aid.

It’s a great deal of information to impart but it is delivered in a fun, hands-on way that young people enjoy while making friends and working as a team.

We suggest participants bring along an old teddy bear or doll, to act as stand in, plus a notebook and pen. Since this is a day-long session, we also suggest bringing a lunch and snacks. Course materials include a student activity book plus a certificate your child can proudly show to prospective clients.

Next classes:   June 28th, July 11th, July 24th, Aug. 15th, Aug. 27th.

For more information, and to register for Babysitting Basics, please call: (519) 579-6285 or visit

Located at 250 Gage Avenue, Kitchener, Ontario

As one young participant recently enthused: “I learned a lot and it will help me become a good babysitter”.