Love your Beautiful Brain - Brigitte Collewijn

Love your Beautiful Brain - Brigitte Collewijn

Love of Health, also includes the love for your Mind! If you do not have a healthy mind, this also affects your body.

Hi beautiful, strong people,

Love of Health, also includes the love for your Mind!

If you do not have a healthy mind, this also affects your body.

Depression, anxiety or compulsive complaints can ruin your life quite considerably.

You will do everything to get rid of it, you are as it were resisting something, something that you do not know yet what it is exactly.

You feel miserable, you worry, you seek reassurance, you focus on thoughts or bodily sensations, so you end up in a vicious circle of worrying, checking and seeking reassurance, this keeps it all going.

By going to the doctor and discussing this, you will at least get rid of all those questions and they will no longer keep you busy!

It is precisely this important step that many people do not dare to take out of shame and as a result some of them maintain walking with this for years, know that this shame is not necessary, everything that we humans can suffer from is there, nothing, crazy about it, except that you have not chosen for this!

We at Beauty of lifestyle are not psychologists, but would like to share with you what worked for the people in our environment or for ourselves! Here are some tips that can help you immensely, be patient and try to be consistent, practice makes perfect!

Mind fulness, Yes, also for those who don't believe in it, and I know a lot of people who think this is floating, but those people have also benefited. In fact, it appears to have the same effect as antidepressants

Praying also seems to have a scientifically proven positive effect on our brain, my sister Britt experiences this too!

Eat healthy ! as my sister describes in Strong mind, food certainly has a big role for a healthy mind! Very good food sources are, Oily fish, Herring, Mackerel or Salmon, nuts (unroasted, unsalted), Vegetable fruit, take extra and also Vitamin B6, B12 and magnesium can contribute well to this, you also use it more during times of stress !

Regularity is very important in your life.

Exercise and healthy distraction with something you like! Distraction is very effective, when you become very anxious or when you worry, you will see that this decreases when you take a walk or start cooking, for example. Simply doing something causes your brain to think of something else and your brain can not give his full attention to several things at once.

I think this is my very best tip: Acceptance! I'm sure you will think, easily said and how? But if you try not to fight against it but embrace it and tell yourself that it is ok to have this, and dare to look it in the eye, you will soon taste its fruits. As long as you fight against it you feed it, if you can't sleep for example, continue to focus on not being able to sleep, you can make yourself completely crazy, while if you make a cup of tea and read a book or set up a short film and oh well then I will not sleep once, you will see that you will get a good sleep much sooner!

Write down your thoughts, fears and feelings when you do this a few times a day and agree with yourself that you are only doing this on those moments ,you will get rest and worry a lot less.

Again we are not psychologists, but would like to share our positive experiences!

Love your mind and be kind to yourself

xoxo Beauty of Lifestyle