Speak Up and Empower

Speak Up and Empower

Women to Watch, Women to Learn From, Women Just Like You

Speak Up And Empower is Your Platform to Make a Difference in Your Life and the Lives of Women Around the World

Women to Watch…Women to Learn From…Women Just Like You!

Women of the Round Table and Champion Members come together at Speak Up and Empower to discuss “Women to Women in Life and Business.” The intention is to support each other, and other women globally, especially the younger generation. It’s our mission to seek inclusion at every opportunity. Our world has become a melting pot and we believe that diversity, support, and encouragement should be present within all organizations.

We need to raise young women who are confident, educated, and non-judgmental. We aim to create an environment where any woman feels comfortable asking any question during our Real Talk sessions, knowing that she’s safe to do so, no matter the topic and that she will be respected and supported in finding her answer.

We believe women need a community of sisters who have their best interest at heart, so we have created Sister Check-in, where there will always be someone to reach out to. Speak Up and Empower is a safe zone, where women can come together to develop their own professional and personal definition of success.

Hence the Round Table was formed – women who have risen in their lives and careers, through adversity, and now stand as strong examples of what’s possible for everyone.

The Round Table will provide stability for our global community, with members providing monthly feature articles, Webinars, classes, and inspiration. We believe it’s possible through education, support, and inclusion across all cultures, denominations, and countries – there is great power in community.

Speak up and Empower aims to drive change by joining hands across the planet.

Join in real conversations – woman to woman – each week on a diverse range of topics.

Learn new skills through our online courses, live Webinars, and interactive classes.

Mentor young women beginning their careers to help them fully realize their potential.

Make new friends through a diverse community of women globally.

Share your story to help others succeed.

Promote your business and expertise to a global audience.

We are women to women on life and business. The world is much smaller than you think!