Becoming Resilient

Becoming Resilient

“Your Destiny has a destination and it’s waiting your impending arrival” Joy A Riley Author - "Speak Up and Empower"

Becoming Resilient

Life come with its pros and cons, unfortunate that is the way life is. This is for many facets of things we do and see in life has pros and cons.

Within the ramification of enjoying being you, your life connects with people rather its family, friends, Co-Workers, or strangers. With those connections brings highs and lows, Joy, anxiety, negativity, and self-preservations.

Often in life we get so caught up with other people thoughts and views of oneself that we forget who we are, our self-worth and self-love, because we are too busy trying to fit in and becoming what we think others want us to be or trying to ensure others happiness and peace that we neglect to administer self-care because the fear of thinking it would be selfish. You must get yourself together and strengthen so that you then can be a better you and better asset for you and others that may be dealing with similar or the same struggles.

I am here today because of other women who have dealt with issues just like me and I have been inspired by these women who showed forth a resilient spirit. They too had to first take time for themselves and administer self-care and become whole to deal with their issues so they could help others. This could not be so, without first getting help and healed.

When I wanted to throw in the towel, they would not allow me to give up. As hard as life may have been or seemed they continued to remind me that I can make it. Today I thank God those strong women stood by me and encouraged me. To you that are reading my post, it is with hopes that I can encourage you. I knew other people depended on me, because of that, I had to realize that I could not just throw in the towel when things became a little hard. You too cannot give up; you have others that are depending on you as well. My purpose was bigger than me. I began to encourage myself that I can do anything I set my mind to do. I knew that for me to enjoy being me, I had to build my self-confidence, know my self-worth and began to administer self-care to myself, the same way I would do for others, I now must do for me. When looking in the mirror, see that powerful, dynamic person and become passionate about helping that person heal and become whole. See your struggles as opportunities to overcome any mental, emotional, physical, financial impact of adversity it has caused you. With so much that is happening around the world today has impact a lot of lives, reason I sense a great need for people like you and me whom have journeyed through the process, that we may help someone else along the way.

I was also tired. I was also hurt. Yes, I was sometimes angry, upset and confused. I was frustrated with God and myself. I tried to hide my pain, but it came out in other ways. Again, when I see some people, I see myself sometimes, similar to the process they are undertaking. In order to begin facing life’s journey I, had to reinvent myself. I had to dig deeper, muster my internal strength, heal, step out on my faith, and simply reinvent myself. You can do it too. Start today or a self-care journey it is not selfish it is called Self-Care.


You may be thinking: “How will I ever survive the embarrassment, the humiliation, the shame, and the emotional, physical, financial and emotional toll of failing in life?” Well, let me share one inspiring example of resiliency with you. I hope the example inspires you to keep pressing forward.


Resiliency can be found in the life stages of a butterfly. A butterfly starts off as egg. An egg is fragile; it’s subject to being damaged or terminated. On the outside, the butterfly egg is small and round. On the inside, a little caterpillar is growing and emerging. That egg represents you-right now. On the outside, it may not look like anything positive is happening in your life. However, in your mind, your heart, and your spirit, you are growing stronger every day. It takes a resilient spirit to grow and change.

The second stage of a butterfly is the larvae. The hatched egg becomes a caterpillar, which is the butterfly larvae. During the second stage of development, the caterpillar eats and eats. The caterpillar is not strong enough to travel far for food, so it eats the leaf on which it is hatched. Like the caterpillar, during your second stage of growth, you may not be ready to fly. Use the growth stage to gain knowledge and the skills you need to live out your goals.

The third stage of the butterfly’s development is the pupa stage. When the caterpillar is done growing and has reached its full length and weight, it transforms itself into a pupa. From the outside of the pupa, it looks as if the caterpillar may just be resting, but the inside is where the action is. Inside of the pupa, the caterpillar is rapidly changing, metamorphizing into a butterfly. During the third stage of your reinvention, your growth may still look bleak on the outside. Others may question your movement and your growth. Despite what others say, you know during this stage, you are preparing to emerge as a refined, newer, better, wiser version of yourself.

Finally, during the fourth stage, the pupa emerges as an adult butterfly, ready to take flight into the world. When your reinvention process is complete, you will only need to soar. You will possess all you need to thrive and survive in life. Remember, celebrate your stages of growth. Know that every stage is valuable in your reinvention process. No stage can be overlooked or regarded as insignificant. Before you can emerge as a beautiful, striking butterfly, you must experience the stages where it appears as though nothing is taking place. Keep a positive mindset. Stay focused on your goals. Always believe in yourself. Trust the process. And know that becoming all that you were created to be is not an overnight process. Regardless of what happened in your past, know that you are not your past. Do not allow one chapter of your life to define your life story.

Define your future in ways that will allow you to experience joy, happiness, peace, and harmony. Most of all, love yourself. Celebrate the uniqueness that you possess. And never be afraid to spread your wings and fly. And remember to always enjoy being you.

“Your Destiny has a destination and it’s waiting your impending arrival”