How do I reserve a seat on Swiss Air?

How do I reserve a seat on Swiss Air?

Swiss Air is the airline which is well-known for its quality of services.

When you book a flight in the Swiss Air, you will be offered various services and facilities for a comfortable journey. You can experience the best air-journey with special deals and offers. For booking a flight, you can refer to the details in this article.

Reservations in Swiss Air

To get your booking done in Swiss Air, you can either choose the online or offline mode. For booking a preferred seat online, follow the steps mentioned below:

Browse the Swiss Air official website in the browser.

Under the Flight tab, start your booking.

Select your departing city along with the destination city.

Then, select a date of the outbound flight.

Make a count of the passengers travelling along, including adults, children and infants and search for the flights.

Choose the one which suits you the most.

On the next page, you are asked to enter the details of all the passengers and select your seats also.

Finally, pay for your booking and get your ticket confirmed.

If you did not choose the seat while booking, you can select it afterwards by accessing the itinerary and it is allowed up to 48 hours before the departure.

If you still have any query about the reservations, contact Swiss Air reservations. You can use the contact details provided on Swiss Air webpage.