Best Software Development Blogs Of 2018

Best Software Development Blogs Of 2018

The Internet is flooded with tons of sites each having distinct category of blogs.

Knowing the complexities involved in software development expert belonging to software companies in Dubai recommend seeking help and guidance from professional software development blogs. The Internet is flooded with tons of sites each having distinct category of blogs. Hence, in this blog, I am going to tell you top 2018 blogs that will fill you up with great knowledge and technique. So read on!


Dzone is one of the most authentic sites for blogs related to technology and software. It has a collection of tutorials, guidelines, publications, and information on thousands of topics. The blog site updates regularly. It publishes post related to every hot issue. In the industry of app development, it will have a well-written collection on IOS, Android, Google Play Store and their related technologies and inventions.

GitHub Blog

If you are confused in coding your site or have queries related to backend or frontend coding you must check this blog site. Furthermore, you can find an abundance of blogs on DevOps tools and many software development subjects. The impact of artificial intelligence on software development most demanded trends of the year, very sort of topic is easy to find here.


It is blog site for those who are looking for articles related to programming or subjects related computer science. The site offers well-written blogs and well-researched information. The tutorials and guidelines are all professionally written.


This is a unique blog site. It does not provide you information on how to do a certain task in software development instead it has topics starting with the title "how not to”. The blogs will tell you about the horrifying mistakes developer do and all the disastrous sides in development. It will teach you about ways your site can be destroyed or the factors that can disturb the entire system at the backend. It has a collection related to the curious perversions in the field of information technology.

Docker blog

The Docker blog as the name itself sound it provides a vast collection of blogs on Docker. From tutorials to eBook, guidelines to how to’s, examples and updates news and discoveries everything revolves around Docker.

Blogs like these help beginners and even the experienced ones to acquire information and help related to the certain topic. These blogs are flawless and have information from most authentic sites.