Freight Forwarders: Steer Clear Of Accounting Solutions That Do Not Resolve

Freight Forwarders: Steer Clear Of Accounting Solutions That Do Not Resolve

How a normal accounting software different from a Freight accounting software? Logi-Sys freight software manages the specific accounting requirements of freight

Revenue leakages are common when using Freight Management Software that does not entirely encompass your accounting and financial needs. Don't get trapped by half-baked solutions that are capable of being just an accounting solution but not designed for freight requirements.

Logi-Sys is the perfect choice for your business' comprehensive history of all Cash receipts, General Ledger entries with a detailed or summary posting for each Transaction.

Keep extensive control over your accounts and finances with the trusted Logi-Sys software for freight. Empower your freight forwarding business with easy-to-use reports. Quickly generate pre-built and customized reports to check your finances and available cash flow to give you greater visibility into your financial well-being. Analyze finances and instantly see how your business performs with intuitive graphs and reports.

Prevent human error and spend less time with automated tax calculations so that your team can focus more on business core operations. Check the status of your debit/credit note with debtor and creditor statements. The application consolidates this across several house bills of lading. Track every expense from every air shipment, ocean shipments, and ground shipments. Important financial reports such as Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss can be generated at any time from the continuously updated information the freight software provides.

A summary of the features of Logi-Sys' Accounting module:

  • Effective control over tax invoice generationA View of historical invoices
  • A View of historical invoices
  • Account Receivables and Account Payables report
  • Debtor and Creditor StatementsSetting up Credit and Debit limits
  • Setting up Credit and Debit limits
  • Tax and statutory reports for logistics management
  • Reconciliation statementsThird-party finance integrations
  • Third-party finance integrations

Credit Limits

Set up credit limits for customers according to their rating. Accounts Receivable and Payable feature provides you with complete visibility to ensure optimal cash flow management. Dashboards carve out a clear picture of your receivables and payables. Automate sending reminders for pending payments from your customers and clients.

Tax filing

Since the introduction of GST filing, an additional task has been added for your team to keep track of the pending filings. With Logi-Sys, your job to compile all documents related to filing just got smoother. Even better is the integration with GST Suvidha Providers makes it convenient to file your GST while staying on the Logi-Sys portal itself.

Bank reconciliation

A lot of time is spent reconciling bank statements and matching them with customer-issued payments. Moreover, with the increase in volumes, you can easily lose track of receivables. This is one of the common blind spots of revenue leakages. With Logi-Sys, freight management software you can see all your bank statements to get the most vivid understanding of your position. Batch Payment, Batch Receipts are features of the application to aid in bulk updates.

Reports for a complete depiction of your accounts

  • Auto calculation of branch-wise profit and loss
  • Outstanding Receipts / Payments Report
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss Report for any required branch

Approval system in place for close control

Logi-Sys supports multi-branch/location and multi-currency transactions. All receivables & payables and bank/cash transactions are directly posted in accounts. Operational costs can be managed with the built-in features and can be controlled with the approval system.

How to get started with Logi-Sys?

Logi-Sys, freight software gives you a bird's eye view of your complete accounts and frees you of your financial worries. Click here to schedule a demo