Video Games as a Source of Inspiration

Video Games as a Source of Inspiration
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Video games are not entirely new, and they were first designed in the mid-fifties. It was around this time that computer scientists began creating games.

Video games are not entirely new, and they were first designed in the mid-fifties. It was around this time that computer scientists began creating games as well as simulations as a constituent of wider research, and in some instances as a form of entertainment.

In the late sixties, a lot had improved and it was now possible to play 3D tic-tac-toe games. By then, early computers like the IBM 1560, were used as a medium for playing the available games.

Come the seventies and eighties, and technology had improved a lot; players could now enjoy video games, joysticks, and consoles.

The eighties are considered the golden years of gaming, and it is around this time that consoles were born. This is the era when graphics became better, and it is the same time that some of the most common consoles were developed.

Gaming remains one of the most sought-after forms of entertainment around the world, and the industry attracts revenue in billions of dollars each year.

In this article, we will discuss how you can take advantage of this massive industry, as a form of both entertainment, and motivation in real life.

Ability to Pay Great Attention

To fully enjoy video games, you must take into account every detail, and as you get used to paying great attention, it will also be replicated in other activities outside of gaming – even at work!

Video games are known to push players into giving them maximum attention, and this kind of motivation assist you in becoming better. Additionally, most video games are based on an interesting and even somewhat confusing storyline, and a player will need to pay a lot of attention to make the best out of the game.

Motivation for Completionism

Completionism is a common term in the gaming industry and is often used to refer to the motivation to finish the entire game, while tackling all its aspects: and not rushing to the finish line.

It is one of the best ways to learn patience, and with it, you will be able to practice patience and determination even in real-life situations.

Enjoy Great Rewards

Video games are very good when it comes to rewarding players who complete the game according to the rules. These rewards are good motivation for players, and many will strive to complete a task to receive a gift.

Video games offer all manner of presents which may include vehicles, expensive outfits, or even accessories as part of the bonuses. These kinds of rewards are enough to motivate players to complete gaming tasks as required.

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Network with Other Players

Everyone knows that video streamers enjoy their fame – on social media as well as in the real life. It pushes other gamers to practice more and get better, and while at it, they are able to network with other famed gamers.

Video gaming is an area that is slowly emerging as a social club, and many players are able to make friends here. And if you have a gaming hero or idol that you always admire, this will motivate you to work harder and get better.

Some Level of Fame

A few years back, video games were played with a lot of anonymity. However, thanks to technology, there is a lot of exposure that gamers enjoy, and you can create some level of fame via live stream and other similar platforms.

This fame is a major motivator, and many gamers will work as hard as possible, and some even make it a full-time job.

Many teenagers especially love this kind of fame and the motivation to play the games is real. We have seen some gamers become very successful, and even get sponsored by giant gaming companies.

This is an area that will require your undivided attention in addition to originality, and you will require frequent practising to become the best.


Video gaming is a great motivator. Cognitive skills gained through online gaming can be valuable to you in other areas of life as well– especially when it comes to a corporate job or building up your own business.