How to save money while renting luxury vehicles in Dubai?

How to save money while renting luxury vehicles in Dubai?
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Renting a vehicle in Dubai is considered one of the most crucial things. It is because, with your own personal car in Dubai, you can travel throughout the UAE at your own pace at much less cost. We all know that cars are a much budget-friendly option, especially in the UAE because cars are cheaper to buy or rent as compared to other countries.

The rental car can be expensive if you are traveling for the first time. Now the question is how to save money while renting a luxury vehicle in Dubai? You need to do proper homework and research before you finally hire a car. Also, if you are traveling on peak days, you need to book your car in advance. It is because the shortage of cars will bother you a lot if you hire it on peak travel days.

For a better experience, try to book a luxury car in advance from the best rental agencies or companies. Plenty of companies have online portals so that the customers can easily rent the car according to their desired time and budget. So, don’t hesitate to hire a car online after researching specific companies.

Here are a few tips to consider while renting a luxury car in Dubai. Consider these tips before to get the best and budget-friendly deals.

Browse rental car companies

Explore different Rent a Car Dubai companies and visit their websites to check their charges according to daily, weekly, or monthly packages. Choose 3 to 5 best companies and compare their rates to find out what the company is offering the best rates. Also, find out if the dealer is renting his own cars or he is collaborating with 3rd party companies. If the dealer is selling 3rd party services, you will end up paying more than your expectations. So, to save money make direct deals with car rental companies so you don’t have to pay commissions.

Always pay with your credit card

Instead of paying with your debit card or by cash, try to pay with your credit card. It is because many banks nowadays are offering the best deals along with insurance services if you pay by credit card.

Use coupons and discounts

Always hunt for the companies that are offering the best deals, coupons, or discounts. Major car rentals in UAE offer different kinds of coupons so that the customers can save on rental automobiles. You can use Kayak, Priceline, etc to figure out deals and discounts.

Subscribe to the newsletter or join the loyalty program

If you are an old traveler, you must know the loyalty program of car rental companies. Like, if you are a returning customer of some car rental company like Thrifty, Dollar, etc, you can join their loyalty program to save a few extra pennies. Many companies have their newsletter, so you must subscribe to know if the company is offering any discounts recently. Or you can simply visit their website or ping them to know if there is any discount for the old customers.

Check for the refund policies

You need to check if the car rental company is offering any kind of refund policies after booking online in advance. You may need to cancel your booking due to any emergency or you might find another discounted deal. Always opt-in for the companies that have flexible refund policies. So, if you find the cheapest deals after hiring a car, you can cancel it and buy the discounted deals. Many companies offer a complete refund while some of them offer a partial refund if you cancel after a few days.

Hire for a longer time

Many of you might know that renting a car is expensive. But, if you hire an automobile for a week or a month it will be more budget-friendly. So, always make sure to check the car rates according to different booking periods. Don’t try to get the car especially from the airport as it is the most expensive option. Always try to book a car before your trip and ask the company to drop it at your location. Some companies might charge you a few pennies but some professional companies like RentalcarsUAE don’t ask for extra charges.

Return with a full tank

You need to return the car with the same amount of fuel it has while the time of pick-up. Many people forget or don't bother to fill the gas and they end up paying more money. Try to look for the fuel options near the car rental agency so you can fill the tank when you are going to return it.

Benefits of renting your own car in Dubai

There are many advantages to traveling in your own car. First of all, you can travel at your own pace. Like if you want to stay someplace for a longer period, you can stay there easily. Likewise, if you want to leave someplace immediately you can get in your car. Besides, you don’t have to wait for public transport and you can go to different destinations that cannot be reached by train.

However, renting luxury cars is quite expensive but it is still worth it as it offers more comfort, safety, and style. You can easily rent Ferrari, Audi, Porsche, etc at the much commendable cost for your desired period.

Final thoughts

Renting a luxury car comes with swag and style and it's totally worth the cost. We have mentioned the tips to save money on renting a luxury car. Follow all these tips and research well before hiring a luxury car for your Dubai trip.

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