How to Choose the Best Tools for Virtual Brainstorming

How to Choose the Best Tools for Virtual Brainstorming
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Brainstorming generates innovations. However, its coordination requires serious efforts and a substantial amount of creativity on your part.

Brainstorming generates innovations. However, its coordination requires serious efforts and a substantial amount of creativity on your part.

Luckily, there are many brilliant web-focused brainstorming tools that allow teams to put together more ideas and collaborate smoothly, even when people are miles away.

If you do not know where to start and what to choose, take the simplest path by identifying the most important tools that you and your remote workers will need during an online brainstorming session. Here's a top list of the most important solutions you worth following.

The Most Essential Tools for Virtual Brainstorming

Online collaboration boards

In order to organize and visualize your work, you will need a convenient collaboration board. One of the great examples of such boards is a Kanban board. It has become a popular project management tool designed to help visualize work, limit work-in-progress, and maximize work efficiency. This tool is an electronic version of sticky notes, so it will empower any virtual brainstorming.

Online Kanban boards with useful cards and swimlanes will streamline your projects, visualize dependencies, and visually track progress. Digital Kanban boards will help you to:

  • Unleash your creative ideas on a digital canvas and collaborate in real-time from any location.
  • Convert all your ideas into fully editable digital sticky notes.
  • Put your ideas into action using available boards' templates.
  • Keep everything in one place. Gather references and then create work roadmaps with access from any device.
  • Organize idea management. With the help of online Kanban boards, you can easily move and track your ideas through the pipeline from concept to execution.

Video conferencing

Most remote teams now have to use some type of web meeting or videoconferencing software. Such solutions are also used for organizing virtual brainstorming sessions.

Whether you’re going to run a brainstorm, prepare an online conference, or facilitate a regular web meeting, tools for video conferences will give you a simple yet powerful solution for engaging your team by involving everyone in generating and prioritizing new ideas for any topic, challenge or opportunity.

File sharing software

Team communication is typically performed with various documents, files, and spreadsheets. To share them, you will need a proper file-sharing tool that will allow sharing docs in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other formats. These tools will let you create and grant someone access to view it or propose suggestions. Remote team members can work on them in real-time.

File sharing solutions are like a virtual shelf where you can store all essential information about your brainstorming process.

Quick chats

It would be a mistake not to include such tools as Slack into our list of the most important online solutions for running virtual brainstorming sessions because these multifunctional tools enrich the toolkit of so many small and large companies.

Simple chats one of the best communication tools for remote teams. With their help, distributed team members can create company-wide announcements, notify their colleagues, make channels, and group chats for different projects. They are easy to use and they give remote teams the feeling of a real office. In many cases, they can be integrated with hundreds of apps.

Time Tracking

Time tracking tools also play an important role in the success of brainstorm sessions. They help to define how much of the planned work has been completed successfully and how productively team members have been working. You will definitely need such solutions to deal with tracking, reporting, and invoicing issues. They often integrate with numerous software solutions as chatting tools do.

Whatever you choose from this short but very important list, and whatever you prioritize, take seriously the exploring of each tool and the general preparation of the online meeting. Effective brainstorming can give your team a brilliant collaboration, and provide your project with a successful outcome.