How Did the UK Become the Number One Gambling Country

How Did the UK Become the Number One Gambling Country
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For people from the United States and Canada, it can often be a surprise to hear about just how prevalent gambling is in the United Kingdom. While North America is really just beginning to open its doors to gambling in its many guises after decades of prohibition, the gambling culture in the UK has been allowed to develop into the behemoth that it currently is largely free from the government regulatory interference.

Today, the UK is by far the largest betting market in Europe and is also one of the biggest in the world. In this article, we take a look at the combination of factors that caused the UK betting market to rise to the position of strength that holds today.

1. Brits Love to Gamble

There is no doubt about it – Brits simply love to gamble. Indeed, research has shown that around 40% of Brits are into gambling in one form or another. This penchant for a bet means that the average amount per head that is spent on betting is around £215 per year. This is the reason why non Gamstop Casinos are so popular.

There are many possible reasons why this may be. First of all, the country has a proud sporting tradition. The fact that the British can claim to have invented several of the world’s most famous sports only adds to the enormous interest in sports betting. These days, the abundance of world-class sporting events that take place in the country makes for a veritable bettors paradise.

2. Lax Gambling Regulations

The loose gambling regulations in the UK have produced an incredibly liberal betting market. For a start, the minimum age that you have to prove to be able to place a sports bet or play an online casino game is just 18. Another incentive for Brits is that winnings from betting and gambling are not subject to income tax as they are in the United States, for example.

As opposed to the situation regarding the legality of betting in other countries, British betting laws are engineered to ensure the safety of players. In many other places, governments impose restrictions on gambling for no other reason than the ideological.

3. Strength of the Betting Companies

Britain is home to some of the biggest betting companies in the world. Even if you are not British, you will most likely have heard of Bet365 and William Hill if you like to gamble occasionally. These two giants of the betting industry prospered when gambling laws were first relaxed in the 1960s and have seen themselves incredibly well-positioned to extend their global reach as gambling regulations have been relaxed around the world.

Britain is a nation of gamblers. Putting your money where your mouth is has been deeply ingrained in the culture of Britain, and many people derive much of their enjoyment when watching sports from having some money riding on the outcome. With an overall gambling yield of £14.3 billion annually, the betting industry in Britain looks set to continue its lucky streak for many years to come.