Blogging Mistakes To Avoid During A Pandemic.

Blogging Mistakes To Avoid During A Pandemic.
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The importance of an online presence cannot be understated, especially during times when the majority of people are depending heavily on the internet.

The importance of an online presence cannot be understated, especially during times when the majority of people are depending heavily on the internet. Whether it’s for information, entertainment, business, or communication, the internet is an indispensable medium for everybody. This means that those who have a credible and far-reaching online presence are bound to enjoy much better sales, traffic, and of course, profit.

But there are many unwritten rules in blogging. The situation we have before us calls for a good degree of tact and care, considering the volatility and sensitive nature of the pandemic. One misstep can easily ruin your brand’s reputation, more so because of the fact that errors can spread like wildfire on the internet.

So, what are the blogging mistakes you need to avoid?

Using Insensitive Expressions and Jokes

The Coronavirus hasclaimed hundreds of thousands of lives. The severity of the pandemic means that jokes and insensitive expressions like “the excitement was infectious” or “they died laughing” are bound to offend a lot of people. It’s important to avoid saying things of this nature. Instead, make sure that your content ends on a positive note, one that encourages resilience, grit, and hope.

Choosing The Wrong Topics

Like all people, a blog’s audience will always want to consume media that is relevant to them. One mistake that many bloggers make is that they assume that the blog is about them. This cannot be further from the truth. Again, people value information that helps them, and it’s also for this reason that Google takes content relevance very seriously, enough to make it a prime metric for ranking web pages.

Vague / Irrelevant Content

It’s not enough to select a topic of interest that is relevant to your audience and in-line with your website’s theme. There is a good reason why niche websites tend to perform better than general blogs. The depth and breadth of the information on a specific topic found in niche websites far outweigh that of general blogs, and thus, hold more value for their readers. If you want to capture the attention of your readers, it’s important to do your research well and to write content worth reading. High-quality content, like this article, “what is a sales funnel?”, is a prime example of the information that you need to include in your content.

Not Adjusting Your CTAs

As previously mentioned, it’s important to change the tone of your content to show tact and sensitivity to the situation we are all enduring. With this in mind, it’s also important to change your calls-to-action. This means that instead of using high-pressure sales talk, we have to be more circumspect with our word choices, that it’s important to be less pushy, and more understanding of the situation that we’re in. Instead of saying “Buy now, while supplies last”, consider CTAs like “buy now, pay later.”

These mistakes won’t just hurt your sales, but they will also hurt your reputation as a brand. And because we’re talking about the internet, this means that when you make mistakes online, these mistakes are not only bound to be published, they’re also bound to be shared. So, as much as possible, tread and write carefully.