How One Game is Shaping the Future

How One Game is Shaping the Future
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Fortnite, a video game released couples of a year ago revolutionizing the world right now.

Fortnite, a video game released couples of a year ago revolutionizing the world right now. This game is launched back in 2017 and now one of the most popular battle royal game on the planet. According to FOXBusiness currently Fortnite franchise worth whopping $2 billion. And it's developer Epic Games currently worth $15 billion. This game has millions of daily active users. When it was launched it was able to grab 125 million players in just one year. But this game is not just impacting the gaming industry, this game is actually shaping the new future of our world. And we have to adapt accordingly. Let's see some examples of how it is impacting on our future.

According to Israel National News, Fortnite can be used in the education system for better communication between students, and teachers. AirballingLA, the pioneer of creative unique team-building activities, found a very huge success with occupying the attention span of kids through a Fortnite Birthday Party. According to them, kids who hear words which they are familiar and have a positive connection to them tend to grasp their attention immediately.

As many of you are aware, that it is one of the toughest things in the world - to seek attention from kids or grab their attention especially when they have tons of content which they really enjoy. And especially in these days when they have to study from home through video conferencing or e-classes, they have a ton of content to get distracted which makes studying harder

That's why changes in student’s curriculum and adding words which they are familiar could grab their attention in study. Words like Battle Royale, Duos, Squads, Chuggie, Rush, and Nerfed are some of the most used words in the game that kids are very familiar and comfortable with. It is being recommended to use these words with kids in their classes to connect with them and grab their attention on studies.

Similarly, Fortnite is also being used in the medical field, according to New Zealand Herald. A nurse has suggested using video games like Fortnite to battle the loneliness and isolation for the children with cancer suffer. Loneliness in any kind of isolation is one of the most painful things to suffer. And games like Fortnite really help with that. Not just because of gameplay, also because games like Fortnite players allow players to talk and interact with huge amounts of people which really help feeling more connected with the outer world.

Open world games and battle royale games give people the feeling of being outside and roaming in the free world on their own will. There are even novel birthday parties that involve Fortnite. They make you feel relaxed and distracted from your current situations. Also, the communication feature with players in Fortnite opens the players to a new kind of social interaction. People don't just talk with people they know, they talk with people from all over the world from different countries, different cultures, and different perspective which can be very helpful for opening the mind of some.

Fortnite is also a charity tournament for children diagnosed with cancer. Nurses and doctors will participate to strengthen their social connections with their peers and also to have some fun. And this is already grabbing so much attention globally. These kinds of events can create a really great social impact globally and ease the life of people in isolation.

These are the few examples which show that the games are shaping our future and we have to adapt accordingly. There are surely hundreds of examples where games are impacting our society. Like you may have heard, people are finding their life partner while playing games, getting jobs while playing games and more. And games like Fortnite is one of the key factors to a new kind of socialization. Gaming is now not just for entertainment, it is a method of education, part of treatment, and surely a monetized stream where people are making a lot of money just playing Fortnite.

So we can say that it is a pure revolution!