Top Things to do in Sariska Tiger Reserve - A detailed Guide

Top Things to do in Sariska Tiger Reserve - A detailed Guide

At Sariska, you get to see splendid Tigers in a thriving wildlife ecosystem along with so many attractions. Plan your tour to Sariska today with Snap Tours and

Sariska is one of the tiger reserves that have done a great job for the conservation of this species. This is a place where you can see not only tigers but many other animals and many other things that are hard to find elsewhere.

Snaptours gives you Sariska tour packages that make your tour of this popular wildlife destination better than ever. But before you plan the trip, it is a must that you know what you are exactly going to see and what other place there to explore.

Places you can visit when you’re at Sariska:-

Sariska Palace

As the name makes it clear, this is a palace that was built in the era of Maharajas. This one was built in 1892 as a hunting lodge and has now been converted into a 5-star heritage hotel. It offers some panoramic views of the whole place and lets you be familiar with the royal culture and architecture.

The whole structure is highly majestic and you get to see enjoy a great stay. It is a perfect place to relish hospitality and various other attractions. At this property, you are able to experience the happiest moments of your life with your family and friends.

Kankwari Fort

Those who love to see historical monuments would love to flock around this place. Not only it gives them a perfect spot to spend quality time with their friends and family, but it also amazes them with a glimpse into history.

This is the same place where Aurangzeb kept his little brother Dara Shikoh captive for a lifetime. Originally built by Jai Singh I, this palace has now turned into ruins and has become a tourist spot. Being located in the jungle, this place lets you see langurs, and some other human-friendly animals too.

Hanuman Temple (Pandupol)

Pandupol is believed to be the place where Pandavas stayed during their exile. Also, Bhima defeated and killed a demon called Hidimba here. Today, a glorious shrine has been built that has been dedicated to Goddess Hanuman.

Besides being significant for the devotees, it is also a place tourists can enjoy a beautiful waterfall. It is truly a picturesque place where you see pleasant weather and various species of monkeys. Every day, all the people coming here get the blessing of God in the form of ‘prasad’.

Siliserh Lake

The Siliserh Lake is the favourite place for the localities here and it emerges as one of the main attractions for tourists as well. They all get to see panoramic views of the manmade water body which was constructed in 1845.

It totally amuses the visitors and lets them spend a great time. Also, they get to see the surrounding range of Aravalli hills along with beautiful pastures. You can also enjoy boating and make your leisure time absolutely refreshing. It is also the major source of water supply for some neighbouring localities in Alwar.

Bhangarh Fort

You have already heard of this place lots of times and it is famous for being one of the most haunted places in India. It was established by Madho Singh in 1631 and today, it has turned into ruins and an attraction for tourists.

It is said that a curse by a sage wreaked havoc on this small hamlet and caused the people to evacuate this place for good. The place is open for tourists from 6 in the morning till 6 in the evening. In the rainy season, this haunted place turns into a picturesque spot for tourists.

Neelkantha Mahadev Temple

This isn’t just a temple, it’s a stunner for even the regular tourists who are looking for mere adventure. It is situated in the Rajgarh Tehsil of Alwar and is considered a very significant place for the devotees. It is also an old structure and can be regarded as ruins its strength still amazes everyone.

The architecture of the temple reminds you of the Khajuraho temple. The sculptures are carved beautifully and it grabs the attention of all the spectators. This place bewitches the believers as well as the admirers of art. It gives them a visual treat to all of them.

Bhartrihari Temple

Yogi Bhartrihari used to be a king before relinquished his title and property and embraced sainthood. This temple is dedicated to the same hermit who also carried out many acts of philanthropy. Moreover, you get to see the status of many other Hindu deities.

The white marble structure, cascading waterfalls, and breathtaking surroundings are some other things that attract tourists here. With the viewpoint of Rajasthani architecture, it is rich with so many relics that show you the excellence of artisans of this state.

Stargate Observatory

Besides the land, the sky is also beautiful at Sariska. This has been made possible by this well-equipped observatory that is open to tourists. You might think that stargazing is only good for students, but once you get a glimpse of space, you start to understand why space tourism is gaining so much traction.

You can observe a large number of stars, and other celestial bodies such as galaxies, planets, comets and nebula clusters. This is a place that gives a fillip to Astro tourism in India, it helps you see many things that can only be seen on the television.

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Sariska- A Tourist Spot For Nature Lovers, Devotees & Families

All in all, this is a place where you get to see lots of attractions that can exalt your senses. Now you know that besides wildlife, there are many other things to see at this place. Once you come to this place, you feel totally amazed and spend a great time with your friends and family.

At Sariska, you get closer to wildlife and see the majestic tigers along with many other splendid creatures. Once you come here, you see some beautiful temples as well. You get a full-fledged getaway in which you can do so many things.

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