Handling the Holidays

Handling the Holidays

If you're feeling that you can't face the holidays, we have some suggestions to help you get through the season after the loss of a loved one...


~John Kennedy Saynor~

"I can't face the holidays" is a common complaint we hear from those who have experienced the death of a loved one. The Christmas season brings back many memories of good times that are gone forever. You can't avoid Christmas unless you go to a place where there are no stores, no radio or T.V. and...no people! For most of us that would be impossible to do.

Everywhere we go there are reminders "'tis the season to be jolly." Christmas music fills the air. The stores are filled with people shopping for the special people in their lives. People rush about wishing one another "Merry Christmas" while you feel like replying "Christmas? Humbug!" And then you are caught off guard when you spot the perfect gift for your loved one and then remember he or she is gone.

One of the worst feelings you will experience following the death of a loved one is that of being alone. "I am the only one feeling this way" is a common thought of a grieving person. It may help you to know what to expect of yourself during this difficult time.

For information on what to expect and tips and suggestions for coping with the holidays, please visit the Resources page on our website, http://www.smithsfh.com/Handling_the_Holidays_1467550.html

We want you to know that all of us at Smith’s are thinking of you. Our hope is to encourage you and your family to find ways to honour your loved one this holiday season.