Russian Sleep Experiment – Fact or Myth?

Russian Sleep Experiment – Fact or Myth?

Russian sleep experiment has been a topic of debate among seekers of horrors of the past. SleepGuru dwells deeper.

You’re either one of two groups of people — those who’ve heard about THE RUSSIAN SLEEP EXPERIMENT. And those who have not. You can read about it here, or if you want the shortened version, you can continue reading down below. The sleep experiment takes place in the 1940s, where an experimental gas-based stimulant is to be used to keep five people awake for thirty days, all while being monitored by Russian Researchers. These five people were political prisoners, determined as enemies of the state during the war, and hence became the test subjects. Since the gas was toxic in large quantities, these five test subjects were kept in a sealed environment where their oxygen levels were kept a close watch on. Since this was in the 1940s, microphones and large one-way mirrored windows were the only tools to monitor these people (CCTV cameras weren’t possible at the time). While the room was stocked with sleeping cots and books, there were no bedcovers, running water, a toilet, or even enough dried food to last them all for an entire month.

First Five Days of Russian Sleep Experiment

Since the passengers had been fed false promises about being freed if they subjected themselves to the test and not sleeping for a month, they complied and hardly complained during the first couple of days. The researchers continued to monitor them, their communications and movements, and a darker turn in the tone of the conversations took place after the fourth day.

After Five Days

They began to complain about the course of events that led them to this place and began to show fear and paranoia. It extended to the test subjects no longer talking to each other and, in the mistaken bid to win over the researchers’ trust by turning over their co-subjects, alternatively, they began talking in low voices to the microphones and windows. The experimenters deduced that their paranoia was a result of the effects of the exposure to the gas.

After Nine Days Of Russian Sleep Experiment

This was when things took a really dark turn. One of the test subjects started screaming at the top of his lungs for three hours straight, all while running the length of the room until he was only able to emit squeaks. The researchers deduced that his vocal cords were destroyed. The other test subjects continued with their behavior, unusually not reacting to the behavior of the first, as they demonstrated their continued paranoia by whispering into the microphones. That is until a second subject followed the behavior of the previously screaming first. Two of the other subjects painted their feces on the page after page as they tore apart the books before pasting each page calmly over the mirrored glass windows, inhibiting the researchers from being able to look into the room. Soon after, the screaming stopped, as did the whispering into the microphones.

After Twelve Days of Russian Sleep Experiment

No sound seemed to be coming from inside the chamber despite the researchers checking the microphones hourly. It seemed impossible for 5 people not to emit a sound, especially when the oxygen levels indicated the consumption of oxygen at levels of heavy exercise.

On The 14th Day of Russian Sleep Experiment

Since they were no longer getting a word out of the test subjects, they told through the intercom another false promise just to get a reaction out of them, since they were now afraid that the subjects were either dead or in a coma. They said that one of them would earn their freedom if they all compiled in stepping away from the door and lying on the ground when they opened the room to test the microphones. Instead, a calm voice announced that they no longer wanted to be free. This stumped the researchers who fell into a debate with the military forces, who were funding the experiment about the next step.

Midnight Of The Fifteenth Day of Russian Sleep Experiment

Since they were unable to get any further response, they decided to open the door after replacing the experimental gas with fresh air. Immediately three different voices pleaded for the return of the gas, and when the chamber was finally opened, the four alive subjects began screaming along with those for whom gruesome results awaited. Food rations for the previous five days had been left untouched, the fifth subject was dead, and chunks of his flesh was used to block the drain, letting the water which looked like blood flood the room. The four alive test subjects also had had flesh torn off, having seemingly eaten their own flesh. Although most of their organs and blood vessels remained intact, they had been torn out. In the process of removal of the test subjects, a few soldiers were gravely injured, one even murdered after his throat was ripped out. It should be noted that some committed suicide in the following weeks. When one of the subjects was finally sedated after ten times the usual dose of morphine (when the initial doses seemed to have no effect), he flailed about for a few minutes, continuing to beg for more of the gas and when he finally fell asleep, it seemed as though he had died. The remaining subjects showed inhumane strength despite being mutilated, their own bones, and muscles breaking under their effort to un-restrain themselves. Another is sedated and also ends up dying. Whilst being unwilling given surgery, the researchers were given two messages – to keep cutting into them and the determination to remain awake. The three-stop struggling when they realize that they are about to be put back on gas. Still, it is unnerving when it is discovered that they become brain dead repeatedly before returning to life. Another test subject falls asleep and flatlines. When the commander orders the two subjects to be sealed inside the chamber with 3 researchers, one of the latter shoots the commander dead before repeating the actions upon the fourth test subject. When he demands of the final test subject as to what he is, his answer reveals that the subjects became the very darkness that is kept hidden in mind, sedated only by sleep, and with that, the researcher shoots the test subject in his heart, who flatlines as he utters, “So…nearly….free.”

Russian Sleep Experiment is No Real

It is obvious to see why some people might believe in this story since its downward spiral reads somewhat similar to The Stanford Prison Experiment. However, while we have heard enough about the unethical ongoings in prisons around the world, this one is a mere work of fiction. It was first published on Creepypasta, where it has since become one of its most popular stories, the stuff of urban legends. You might have heard of the site after it gained popularity as a result of its character, Slenderman.

Can the Russian Sleep Experiment Happen In Real Life?

The story has unnerved enough people to beg the question – can a situation like this happen in real life? Sleep Deprivation is when you’re not getting enough sleep. This is a major problem amongst working adults who struggle to get the required 7-8 hours of sleep every day. Now, while it causes fatigue, problems with memory, and other brain and cognitive functions, and people might tell you that you act like a monster when you don’t get enough sleep, a monster isn’t going to bring the dark side of you. No study will ever prove that, and certainly not the fictional Russian Sleep Experiment. But studies have definitely proven that Sleep Deprivation can cause a myriad of problems that start with your memory and basic functions, even harming your mental health. You might even start seeing hallucinations. So while The Russian Sleep Experiment might sound like a horror story someone might tell you to start sleeping more regularly, it really is just a harmless fictional story. Still, if someone is telling you to get more sleep, it probably means that you need to get more sleep especially since it is a basic human necessity.