Learn Twists & Turns Generating Do follow Backlinks From Reddit For FREE

Learn Twists & Turns Generating Do follow Backlinks From Reddit For FREE

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Call it a trick or a strategic method; the endeavor to build backlinks from a high authoritative site for free is an eminent step made by most of the SEO marketing services in London. Though, getting a backlink from high page rank and domain authority site is not a cakewalk. There is a lot that you need to go through to get a backlink from such a high authoritative site.

Reddit Backlink! Easy or Tricky!

Talking about getting a dofollow backlink from Reddit (for free) is not a simple task. Reddit is one of the most visited social news platforms and it has more than 330 million users and 1.5 billion visitors every month. Thus, the content you add to subreddits will have millions of billions of eyes. When bad content on Reddit gets criticized like a hailstorm, good content catches the eyes of Redditors and earns a lot of credit that it deserves. So, you need to be very careful as well as an alert when you are thinking to get backlink from this versatile-niche driven website.

If your content is worth getting praises, it will not fail to achieve the applauses by the Redditors in a fraction of the moment. So, you need to get prepared to play Reddit backlink game with honest and meaningful content to earn a surefire backlink.

Things to Know Before Posting on Reddit

Before heading on creating backlink and posting content on Reddit, you need to go through a few things. The things are certainly important to know,

• Reddit combines information from various sites including a news feed, content aggregator, and forum content aggregator to create unique content for its visitors.

• Reddit does not allow a newer account to post content and it requires a one-month-old account (at least) and 100 combined karma to post content for free.

• The site requires users to participate in subreddits actively.

• A post that gets an upvote goes higher with high visibility and downvote pushes the post down and makes it out of sight. The voting method allows Reddit to decide the best content and keep the users in the long run.

Remember, you cannot post anything on your wish. The content you are going to post has to be matched with the subreddits option (that you have joined after signing up with Reddit account).

Nofollow or Dofollow Link! How Value Gets Transformed?

Yes, anyone can post anything on Reddit according to the niche or subreddits, and the guideline of Reddit. But, do you know Reddit considers links as nofollow links by default in the initial stage? It is the truth. Then, how to get a dofollow link? It is certainly not on your hand or Reddit. It is on visitors or users who upvote or downvote your content or submission. If your content gets five upvotes then Reddit will renovate the link as dofollow link. Though, the fact is incomplete. Reddit checks whether the upvotes are generated by active or newly created accounts.

A search engine optimization agency in London that has already put its legs in Reddit’s shoes for its clients can elaborate you the detail. So, try not to forget to discuss your Reddit link building idea with your hired London SEO agency.

Steps to Create Backlink From Reddit

Finally, it is time to know how to get a high authoritative backlink from Reddit or Alexa PR 6 site with 97 domain authority.

1. Find Niche Friendly Community

It is not that you can visit Reddit, open an account, and post your content. If need to have a little more patience. You need to find a niche that suits your business, blog, or site. The more your niche matches with popular subreddits, the more you can get a scope to post your content. Popular niches have large numbers of members. So, your content can be eyed by large numbers of users in a short time.

If you are new in Reddit then choose the niche/subreddit (should be matched with your domain) that has less than 10k users with regular activity.

2. Go & Turn into An Active Participant

Yeah, it is right that you cannot post content or create a link from the cake day / 1st day in Reddit. You must participate in subreddits regularly and try to find out which kind of content gets preferred by users in general. try to comment on the posts that have been already created by active users. Don’t push the link or your brand name in the content. Let it look natural and your comment should be knowledge worthy. Visit your Reddit account regularly and participates in subreddits to create your visibility in Reddit.

3. Submit Your Unique Content

When you can have completed the required attendance in Reddit, you are on to post your content. You can post,

• Infographics

• Very own question and answer session

• Interviews

• Videos

To get more visibility, you can use attractive titles; follow subreddit guidelines, tags/words/categories within brackets, or button-like boxes. You can post links, text, or images on Reddit.

One more thing, don’t post any duplicate content or follow the ruse tactic. It will harm your presence and destroy your effort getting dofollow backlinks.

4. Wait & Have Patience

If you have managed to come this long then the hurdles are finished. It is time to reap that you have sowed. You can use any backlink checker tool to find whether Reddit has approved your backlink or not. Once your link gets approved in Reddit, you become a trusted contributor in Reddit. Your content gets visibility and helps you creating backlink if it reaches the top of the subreddit page.

To an Ending Note,

Reddit is no doubt a helpful and high authoritative site and best London SEO agencies preserve the same opinion. But, don’t try to repeat your backlink generating formula frequently. Be an active Reddit account holder and participant in your communities frequently with relevant comments. It will not only help you generating backlink for your site but also you can give a boost to your domain with heavy traffic.

Best of luck for your Reddit backlink endeavor!