Dos and Don’ts of Link Building for Ecommerce Websites

Dos and Don’ts of Link Building for Ecommerce Websites

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SEO is a dynamic field and SEO industry never sleeps and there are no set rules for the functioning of the SEO. The algorithms used by the search engines to rank the web pages always change and with the update of the algorithms the effective techniques of today may be invalid tomorrow. It is essential to remain tuned with the trend of the day with the best London SEO consultants to remain ahead of the competition. Here in this article, you will find the do and the don’ts of link building that can make the e-commerce sites successful.

Find the Dos:

• Relevant and quality content: Successful link building is a two-way street, and relevant and quality content on a website is a must for it. It is the best way to attract webmasters, writers, editors to link your site on their resource pages or articles, as it may provide the audience proper value. Non-promotional and non-branded contents are effective for link building as contents having a flavor of sales pitch are not taken favorably by the audience.

• Provide backlinks on relevant and authoritative sites: The quality of the backlinks is always given priority over the quantity of the backlinks and it can be done by aggressive pursuing of authoritative industry publications or news, or educational websites, etc.

• Try to get quick wins: You need to use good white hat tactics for building links and there are several such varieties are available. You may reach out to those companies with whom you are doing business and try to find whether you can earn a link on the website of these companies. It can lead to an increase in the chances of landing to a high-quality relevant link.

• Take holistic approach for link building: Proper link building effort requires patience, hard work and a great deal of time. If you can spend proper time and effort to build a fruitful relationship with the bloggers or the webmasters, or the journalists, it will be excellent. Also, if you can produce consistent quality content, your efforts and investment will surely be rewarded.

Find the Don’ts:

• Always avoid low-quality blogs, spammy websites, and low-quality link directories: If you sacrifice the quality of the backlinks to get more quantity of backlinks, you will not be preferred by search engines. Low-quality links can damage the reputation of your website and your site may get penalized by Google if inordinate numbers of low-quality links are noticed.

• Avoid suggesting specific anchor text: Suggesting the webmaster about specific anchor text is no longer valid and is an outdated SEO tactic. Google always favors those sites that show a good variety of anchor text in the site’s backlink profile. When there is an unnatural amount of links having the same anchor text that are pointing to a site, Google may penalize the websites.

• Avoid link exchange schemes: There can be cases when two domains exchange a lot of links between them and it a red flag when Google notices it. You need to be selective while choosing to give a reciprocal link to as site and with the help of London SEO consultants, the total process of link building can be most effectively done.