Why Should You Use Cotton Bedsheets for Everyday Use?

Why Should You Use Cotton Bedsheets for Everyday Use?

A good start to the day doesn’t start in the morning when you wake up. It starts the night before when you go to bed.

A good start to the day doesn’t start in the morning when you wake up. It starts the night before when you go to bed. When you retire for the day, you take the stress, worries, exhaustion, and even the happy thoughts to your bed. You can’t afford to wake up for the next day of hardships without a fresh mind in such a scenario.

To keep you rejuvenated and keep a night of tossing and turning at bay, you need a good night’s sleep in a crisp and clean bed. A bed that is warm and soft enough for you to cuddle up and become a blanket burrito. One way to make sure that you get that beauty sleep is to use a good mattress and the right kind of bed linen and bedding for you.

When it comes to bed sheets, cotton bedding collections are where you stop your search. Cotton bed sheet sets are ideal for everyday use for several reasons. When you buy bedsheets, you’ll find various cotton sheet sets of fabrics, such as Egyptian cotton or cotton percale sheets.

According to your range and budget, you can buy the best for you. Here are the top four reasons you should buy cotton bed sets.


Cotton is a natural material and not artificial polyester fabric. Hence When woven together, it is breathable and good for sensitive skin as well. It helps regulate your body temperature as you fall asleep, keeping you warm and cuddly all night.

Cotton can absorb heat or sweat from your body and keep you cool and comfortable. Act as natural ventilators, cotton bedsheets are top-notch and recommended by all experts.

Low Maintenance

Bedsheets made from organic cotton are super easy to maintain. Unlike other materials like fleece or sateen sheets, you can simply machine-wash your cotton flat sheets. You won’t need any unique or fancy detergents, especially for your cotton linens.

You can simply wash it in the machine, hang it in the air, or put it in the dryer—post which you won’t even need to iron it out straight for hours.


Besides benefitting your sleep quality, cotton bedding also helps your bank account. Since they last longer, you won’t have to buy new bed sheets now and then. Compared to cotton, polyester can be a cheaper option, but it won’t last as long as cotton and can also be harmful to your skin.

A natural cotton bedsheet can last twice as long as the man-made alternatives.

Soft on Skin

There’s no comfort like coming home and falling on the soft and fresh sheets. The softness that cotton bedsheets provide is incomparable and best for sensitive skin too.

If you’re an allergy-prone person, cotton is high;y recommended. Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, so it has a limited association with any allergies. It will keep irritation or itchiness at bay, improving your quality of sleep.

Now that you know why cotton bedsheets are expert-recommended, you can buy high-quality bedding from Portico India.