A Beginner’s Guide to Washing and Treating New Tattoos

A Beginner’s Guide to Washing and Treating New Tattoos
3 months ago

Have you lately got a tattoo? If yes, make sure to take proper care of it or else your money and effort will go down the drain.

Tattoo cleaning is a simple yet essential task. Most people are not told how exactly to clean a tattoo; thus, they end up having an infection, or their tattoo fades within a short period. The following write-up is a guide to taking care of tattooed body parts. Please check it out right away – even if you plan on scheduling a session next month or next year.

Part 1- Washing

• Wash your hands thoroughly with cool water and any cleanser available in the market. Scrub the back of the hands, palms, beneath the fingernails, and in between the fingers. The aim is to get rid of the slightest traces of dirt and germs. Dry with a paper towel.

• Take the bandage off after 24 hours or after the period specified by your artist. The bandage would not stick to the wound if the appointed artist had applied a substantial amount of Vaseline properly. Regardless, make sure never to tug or pull aggressively.

• Use a paper towel to turn the tap on or else you would contaminate your hands again. The water must be lukewarm. The desired temperature is between 29 to 32 degrees Celsius. Hot water causes pain and forces the pores to open, which in turn drains the ink.

• Instead of placing the tattooed skin directly under the tap, make sure to cup water in your hand, and pour it slowly over the tattoo. Rub an unscented and alcohol-free soap in gentle circular motions. You will remove the excess blood, plasma, and ointment. Never use a loofah or washcloth. Rinse until all the soap is gone.

• The experts working for the best tattoo shop in Surfers Paradise said you must blot the tattoo with a paper towel slowly. If the paper towel sticks, wet the area to remove. Do not use a bath towel hung in your bathroom or any other piece of cloth as they have a high chance of harbouring bacteria.

Part 2- Treating

• When the tattoo has just started healing, it will be better to invest in antibiotic cream. This can prevent all sorts of infection. Do not use the cream for more than two days or else the oxygen flow in the skin will decrease. Oxygen is necessary for the ink to seal.

• When the tattoo has dried more or less, rub a thin coat of unscented lotion. Excess of the product can clog the pores and lead to pimples. The lotion keeps the skin moistens and causes the scabs (if any) to fall off on their own without leaving behind scars.

• Do not cover the tattoo because the skin needs to breathe. Get in touch with a doctor if the tattoo is hot or painful to touch after a week. Blisters, bumpy rashes, redness, and intense inflammation are also symptoms that need to be checked immediately.

According to the experts working in the best tattoo studio in the Gold Coast, keeping whatever discussed above in mind will pave the way for a smooth recovery. Always remember that neglecting freshly tattooed skin or suppressing the warning signs does a lot of harm. Be careful, and you will enjoy your precious tattoo for a prolonged period.