5 Reasons you need LED Signs in Edmonton

5 Reasons you need LED Signs in Edmonton

If you’re living in Edmonton, you know how many times you pass by signs that are promoting a particular product, brand, or service.

If you’re living in Edmonton, you know how many times you pass by signs that are promoting a particular product, brand, or service. Some of these ads are not at all impressive, and you don’t even notice they are there.

While walking, or driving down the street, there’s a chance for numerous places where ads can be placed. Some of these places are already occupied. If you’re running a company, you’re surely thinking about having your ad seen by more people and get more attention. The answer is – LED signs.

If you’re not convinced about opting for this idea, we’re here to show you why you need to do it as soon as possible. Read on to learn about the five crucial reasons why you need LED signs for your brand.

1. LED signs are brighter and easier to see

Just compare the two ads. Place a classical one next to a LED commercial. You’ll instantly see the difference. When you install the screen or the logo of the brand next to the road or at the overpass, the drivers won’t see it if it is a classic ad.

However, if you place a LED sign, then you can be sure that everyone will see it, especially during the night. These types are brighter and are far easier to see. That’s why you should always opt for them instead of the classic ones. Take a look at this link if you want to know more about this technology.

2. They are more budget-friendly

If you look at the price that needs to be paid upfront, you’ll see that it’s not at all affordable getting one. However, if you look at it in the long run, getting a LED sign is the best thing you can do for the budget of your company.

This lighting technology is revolutionary. It’s far more different than the classic lights we used for decades. The technology spends much less energy and with it, you get to use the sign for a less low price.

We all know that these items drain the electricity and make our bills tremendously high. But, installing this new technology will make it like you’re using just a standard room light bulb.

3. Led lights last longer

At the same time with the savings, one of the best parts of this technology is that it lasts a lot longer than anything else out there. Depending on the brand and the type, the lifespan of these lights can be several times longer.

In general, the LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours. If you put this in constant working days, it is 2,083 days, or better said, they can work 5.7 years without stopping. There nothing else out there that will provide this kind of longevity.

4. You have a number of options to make your ad amazing

These signs are so easy to be made. Lots of companies make them. You should just google for companies producing LED signs in Edmonton, and you’ll find a ton of results. Almost all of them will provide the sign that you need. All shapes and dimensions are available, you just need to ask.

With it, you don’t need to stick to a template anymore. Feel free to order anything that comes to your mind.

5. They are easy to reprogram and change

If you’re a company that needs a constant change in their ads, then you can order a screen on which the ad is displayed. You can use software to reprogram it constantly. Whatever comes to mind is there for display. Of course, this will require some other technologies too, but if you put these together with the power of the LED lights, be sure that you’ll attract tons of customers.


The 5 points from above give you a clear insight of what are the reasons for opting for this solution when you need your products and brands advertised. Learn more about outdoor advertising on the link: https://www.entrepreneur.com/encyclopedia/outdoor-advertising.

Make sure you’re getting the best for your business. If you’re thinking about finding a better solution for highlighting your work around Edmonton, this might be the idea that will make the change you’re looking for in the business.