Installing Drywall Anchors - The Ultimate Guide

Installing Drywall Anchors - The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for the right guide that will help you with the perfect screw installation? Well, this post is dedicated to you then! Check it out right away an

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When it comes to hanging your favourite artwork on the wall or setting up the television set, you can easily feel the importance of these tiny objects. The drywall anchors are the only helping hands that can help you in executing these jobs flawlessly.

For this reason, knowing everything about the drywall anchors like self tapping screws is vital. To help you with this, we've prepared this exclusive guide that will guide you with the installation of these super useful objects. Let's dig deeper into the same now!!

What are the Anchors That You Need to Pick Up

Well, the list is literally huge. Apart from the mentioned self tapping ones, there are tons of other alternatives that can help you effectively while performing a fitting job. Let’s put the most common one among them!!

1. Toggle Bolts

They are called the ‘butterfly ‘anchors. They are super popular because of their durability. They come with dual spring-loaded wings. They can open once they are inside the walls. They offer a sturdy hold. Their holding capacity varies according to their design and build.

2. Hollow Wall Anchors

Nicknamed as ‘molly’ anchors, these are the best picks of the DIYers. These are the best fit to execute standard duty applications. While crafting them, the manufacturers typically use machine screws. They remain threaded over a slotted sleeve of metal.

When you go for tightening them, the sleeves will expand automatically. Naturally, it will allow you to make them hold objects up to forty to fifty pounds.

Apart from these two, there are a lot of drywalls anchors like masonry drill bits and more available in the market. You can pick up any depending on your requirements.

How to Install Drywall Anchors?

Installing drywall anchors is quite easy if you know the right way of the installation. Check out the tips mentioned below to gain comprehensive knowledge about the same!

1. Select the Ideal Spot

Installing the drywall screws differs from other jobs related to mounting. For this reason, you should avoid the studs and find out a comfortable place, where you can fit them with ease. Don’t forget to point the targeted point with a pencil mark before drilling. It will help you with the right fit.

2. Pick Up the Right Size

Every installation is different from the other. For example, to set a TV set, you might need a larger screw, whereas for installing stainless steel wire balustrades, you might require the smaller once. So, consider the purpose before picking up the screw for installation. It will result in the smooth completion of the work.

3. Be a Little Careful while Drilling

Always remember, drilling plays a significant role when it comes to the perfect installation of the screws. Be accurate on the measurements and execute the job with the right touch of precision.

Finally, reach to a trusted dealer while purchasing the screws. This will ensure the durability and excellent completion of the project.