Water Entering Your Basement?- the fix might be easier then you think

Water Entering Your Basement?- the fix might be easier then you think

Homeowners might experience water entering their basements at the beginning of spring. Why is this happening? What are the signs? How can this problem be fixed?

Many homeowners will experience water entering their basements at the end of winter/beginning of spring. If this is your case, do not panic. You might be able to quickly fix the damage from inside with polyurethane foam injections.

What is the cause and how do you detect it?

90% of water damage cases this time of year are caused by cracks in foundations, which most houses have. Foundation cracks usually show up within the first year after construction and may multiply over time. Most cracks are located where there is an opening in the foundation for windows or pipes since the wall resistance is weaker at these spots.

Even though cracks in the foundation might be present, you will most likely see water coming inside during the winter and spring. The ground is frozen and the melting snow and rain causes water to pool since it cannot be absorbed into the ground. This water may find its way into the foundation cracks leading to your basement.

Crack in the poured concrete foundation

Foundation Crack

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What are the signs to look for?

Most of the time the damage is subtle, making it difficult for homeowners to find. However, it can eventually create mold in the wall and permanent damage to the floor. Many times it is only detected because of the musty smell that arises in the basement. The main signs of water damage are:

  • wet carpet
  • damaged flooring
  • baseboard discoloration
  • peeling or cracking paint
  • stains
  • mold
  • musty smell

What are the solutions?

1. Waterproofing from outside - This is the classic solution which is performed by digging around the house, sealing it from outside, and making sure the weeping tile system is working. This is an expensive and time-consuming method that can only be performed weather permitting.

2. Foundation cracks repair from inside - This method involves injecting polyurethane foam into the cracks. This concrete crack filler is a very efficient and fast method and it is also very successful for poured concrete foundations. The job is usually accomplished within a day and can be performed year-round, even if the water is still seeping in the cracks. Unless the foundation is actively moving, this option provides a lifetime guarantee. This method of basement waterproofing can be used only for poured concrete foundation (not suitable for cinder blocks foundations).

Silver Lining Restoration offers foundation crack repairs from inside at a very competitive price. Call us for Free Evaluation and Advice at 1-800-964-7524.