6 Signs of Water damage

6 Signs of Water damage

Signs that you may have water damage in your home and what would be the best course of action.

Signs that you may have water damage

Water damage can happen anytime, but if you check your home regularly you can minimize the damage. Although water damage may be subtle, there are signs to look for:

- wet spots, wet carpet, or stains on floors, walls or ceiling especially after a rain

6 Signs of Water damage

- peeling or cracking paint

6 Signs of Water damage

- baseboard discoloration or swelling

- hardwood floor buckled up

water damage

- musty smell

- mould


If you think you might have any of these signs of water damage do not hesitate to contact Silver Lining Restoration for FREE EVALUATION AND ADVICE! Call us: 1 800 964 7524

Do not call your insurance before you have the evaluation of a good restoration specialist

If you call your insurance company, the conversation will stay in your policy history even if you did not open a claim with your insurance company. Silver Lining Restoration helps you with all the information needed before making the decision of whether to open a claim with your insurance company and it is all FREE since we know how stressful water damage can be. In our complimentary first visit, we will help you with:

- finding the exact source of water, advise if it is usually covered by insurance

- give you a bulk evaluation of the total cost, advise if it is worth opening a claim considering your deductible and your claims history

- advise on the best course of actions to remediate as efficiently as possible

- advise on actions needed to avoid future damages

After you have all this information you can make the best decision if you should open a claim or not with your insurance company. Also, no strings attached, it is your choice if you want to use our services or not.

We care about our customers and we pride ourselves in finding the best ways to save them money and headaches

We always work in our clients' best interests! If you decide to open a claim, we will take care of all the necessary documentation for your insurance and we will be in permanent communication with your claim adjuster. We are called Silver Lining Restoration for a reason; we always leave your property in a better state then it was before the incident.

If you ever find yourself in one of these unpleasant situations having water damage in your home, do not forget: there's always a Silver lining!

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