Know The Speciality of Various Oncologist to Treat Cancer Better

Know The Speciality of Various Oncologist to Treat Cancer Better

To get the right cancer treatment, it is vital to know the different types of oncologist and their specialties.

The word ‘Cancer’ brings with it a lot of worries. Be it complicated medical terminology, rigorous and painful treatment, specialized doctor, complications, and a lot more. Since my mother’s condition was critical and information available on the internet failed to provide any clarity on the type of cancer she has, on rigorous research, we understood the term ‘oncologist’ as the doctors or a team of doctors who treat cancer patients. It doesn’t end here. As her body indicated more than one type of cancer, we needed to consult a specialist hospital like Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute (RGCIRC) or others, where there are multiple oncologists to take care of such critical cases under one roof. In the study, we understood what role the best surgical oncologist in India plays, and what are the other types of oncologist and their specialized role.

Thus, this article will brief you about it so that like us, it also helps you to understand which oncologist you should consult for a particular kind of cancer treatment.

Surgical oncologist:

They are the surgeon who attains special skills and training related to surgical procedures to remove cancerous tumors. They also help find cancer by performing different types of biopsies. To check if your excess growth of tissue is cancerous or benign, book an appointment for a surgical oncologist with a specialized cancer hospital like RGCIRC or others.

Radiation oncologist:

These are the doctors that help to treat cancer with radiations. The doctor uses the high-energy x-rays to perform any of the two jobs to treat the cancer patient. It is used to either kill the cancerous cells completely and in situations where the cells cannot be destroyed completely, radiations are used to reduce the growth of the cancer cells to increase the lifespan of the patient.

Medical oncologist:

They play a key role in the treatment of cancer patients. They treat such patients by using chemotherapy or immunotherapy. They also work in convergence with other medical department and is also responsible for patient’s follow-ups and check-ups pre and post-treatment.

Gynecologic oncologist:

With increasing cancer in females, these doctors are also in demand. Since they treat cancers related to the female reproductive system, they treat ovarian, uterine, cervical cancers, and more.

Pediatric oncologist:

Yes, to everyone's surprise, cancer can occur in children too. Pediatric oncologist takes care of the treatment of children suffering from cancer. They help treat leukaemia, brain tumors, osteosarcoma, and Ewing’s sarcoma.


The cancers prevailing in the brain, spine, and peripheral nerves are taken care of by neuro-oncologists. Since they are specialized doctors, they diagnose cancer symptoms quickly.

Hematologist oncologist:

Since blood cancer is also one of the common type affecting many individuals, during the need, hematologist-oncologist are the specialists required. They help treat blood cancers like leukaemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma.

The above information helped us a lot in understanding the right doctor that we had to contact my mother. With this clear understanding, we could connect to the best surgical oncologist in India in Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital and could also take the help of a gynecologic oncologist during her treatment under the same roof due to her critical case.