Guide to Choose a Perfect Designer Dress for Your Body

Guide to Choose a Perfect Designer Dress for Your Body

Read the following article before you decide to buy a designer dress.

Every designer outfit is an individual and unique creation of a designer. These specially curated pieces look stunning in the store but may not look good on you when you try them. As designer outfits are quite an investment, it would be wise to select a piece that perfectly fits your body shape. Every type of dress does not match every body type; therefore, one should acutely know one's body shape so that one can buy the perfect designer dress.

When it comes to versatility and inclusivity, AMPM is one of the best luxury brands. Their comprehensive designs have something in store for every body shape. Moreover, AMPM's designs are inspired by Indian silhouettes to represent modern Indian aesthetics. You can view more of their designs on the AMPM website. This article has a thorough guide on selecting the perfect designer dress for your body shape, therefore make sure to give it a read.

Pear-shaped body

A pear-shaped body is narrow on top compared to the lower part. The best way to complement your body shape is to avoid tight fitted dresses. You could choose a flared or an A-line dress with some interesting necklines, which will take away the attention from the bottom part and will highlight your upper body. You can add patterns, prints and embellishments in the designer wear dress to make it appear even more stylish and luxurious.

Apple-shaped body

An apple-shaped body is mostly uniform in all areas, therefore also referred to as circular body shape. Bulky or double-breasted dresses are not the choice for this body type. Instead, A-line and wrap dresses look most flattering in an apple-shaped body. Incorporating prints and patterns with relatively dark colours in the dress will represent a classic silhouette and complement the body structure.

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Rectangular-shaped body

The Rectangular shape has a straight body line without any natural curves. Bodycon dresses or peplum dresses are best suited for this body shape. Minimal prints paired with pastel hues will best complement rectangular body shapes. In case of a bodycon designer dress, add a belt to accentuate the waistline for a refined look.

Hourglass-shaped body

This body shape has a narrow waist and broader hips. The best way to dress up for an hourglass body is to highlight the waistline. Avoid layered or voluminous dresses; instead, you can go for body-hugging outfits. Dresses with interesting necklines look breathtaking and elegant in an hourglass body shape.

These are a few ways to buy your designer wear dresses that would look flattering in different body types. Apart from sartorial choices, perfect accessorization is equally essential to complete the outfit. As stated above, AMPM is a one-stop designer brand to shop for every body type. Their aesthetics can make anybody shape appear beautiful and sophisticated. AMPM's designs are inspired by original art and creativity, which make any outfit unique and different from others.

There are so many other designer labels that fall in the same line as AMPM; however, the garment detailing and refined finish of clothes sets this brand apart from other brands. As a bonus factor, AMPM comes with made-to-measurement orders as well; therefore, you can have your custom made designer dress. Their online store offers worldwide shipping with a free shipping service; consequently, you can get your hands on their fabulous creations from anywhere around the world.