Read the Genuine Patient’s Feedback on Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Doctors

Read the Genuine Patient’s Feedback on Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Doctors

Read the Genuine Patient’s Feedback on Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Doctors By A Genuine User

It is hard to build a reputation and even harder to preserve it. There are always jealous rivals leaving no stones unturned to tarnish that reputation. That’s true for individuals and organisations alike. It’s probably harder for organisations. Rival agencies have more resources at their disposal than any individual or even a group of individuals.

When I chanced upon some complaints of cheating against the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre (RGCI&RC), I could immediately understand the real story. Fake reviews by nonusers posted at the behest of rival facilities. Read on for genuine patient feedback on Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute.

The Context

It is a real-life experience that dates back to 2006. Accustomed to a sturdy digestive system, I felt quite unsettled to suddenly suffer from repeated attacks of food poisoning and stomach upsets. When that continued for three months, I felt compelled to go for a thorough checkup.

Several rounds of painful and not-so-painful investigation later, I got diagnosed with colon cancer.No matter how much cancer treatment has advanced, it always sends a shiver down the spine. It wasn’t easy to receive the news on my own, but I needed to get out of that shock reasonably quickly.

As a single mother of a 12-year old daughter, my thoughts veered to protecting her from this shock. My next concern was my then septuagenarian mother, still mourning the recent demise of my father. I knew I also had to prevent her from finding out about my diagnosis.

So, treatment in the city of my residence was not an option. There weren’t those many speciality cancer hospitals in the country back then as there are now. I needed to be in a city where I had friends to shelter me for as long as the treatment might take.

I zeroed in on RGCI&RC firstly because it is nonprofit. Secondly, it is in New Delhi, where I have friends to offer me shelter and take care of me, no matter how long the treatment might take. With my mother and daughter fed with well-fabricated lies, I left for Delhi in September 2006.

No one other than a few close friends was any the wiser about my diagnosis. I didn’t know if I’d ever return to my city. I only knew that I wouldn’t give up without a fight against the deadly disease. However, my very first visit to the RGCI&RC was a reassuring experience.

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute: My Experiences as a Patient

As a crisis manager for my immediate and extended family since the ripe old age of 16, I was no newcomer to hospitals, their staff, and doctors. And, as you can imagine, I hadn’t precisely walked in there in the best frame of mind.

The courtesy of the hospital staff set my tense nerves at ease even before I met the oncologist with whom my friends had set up an appointment. Every single person I met from the front desk onwards was exceptionally courteous and empathetic.

I believe the hospital takes special care to train their staff to behave with compassion and empathy. You need that when you are dealing with cancer - whether you are the patient, or a loved one is.

I still have to go for a checkup once a year. In these 13+ years, I’ve seen the hospital grow and the staff change and increase. But I must say that the courtesy quotient has remained unchanged. Whether it is the front desk people or the nurses - there’s never any lack of care and courtesy.

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute Doctors’ Review

The fact that I’m writing this review these many years later is a testimony to the efficacy of the treatment I had received. But I feel compelled to add my commentary about the doctors and the other healthcare team members.

I must admit that I’m not the easiest of patients. I don’t look at doctors as gods. I insist that they explain to me treatment options and the pros and cons of each. My primary oncologist and his entire team answered all my queries patiently and never refused to say anything.

Patient-centric care where the patient has a role in the decisionmaking is still not very common in our country. But my doctor and his team allowed me a full say in choosing the treatment option. This enabling attitude in itself made me feel much more confident.

I had to undergo chemotherapy, and that is a somewhat painful process. I could cope with it better because my doctor and his team had prepared me for it. They had explained the entire process and its possible side effects before the chemos began. I was ready for the pain when it started.

You have to understand that back in 2006, cancer treatment hadn’t advanced as much as it has today. Even then, I’m very much alive to share my experiences at the RGCI&RC. I write this genuine patient’s review to dispel the fake complaints on the internet.

I hope cancer never strikes any of you or your loved ones. However, if it does, do not hesitate to access RGCI&RC. It is one of the best not just in the country, but the whole of Asia.

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