4 Things You Should Know Before Travelling to Japan

4 Things You Should Know Before Travelling to Japan
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If you want to see modern Japan and are planning to visit the country, you should read this article.

Japan is one of the best countries that are ideal for traveling. Research shows that this country stood at the 31st position among the most visited countries in the year 2010. The total number of visitors in 2010 was 8.6 million. However, in the year 2017, this figure went to 28.6 million visitors. Thus, Japan has now become one of the favorite tourist destinations in the world.

Many people have this misconception that traveling to Japan is highly expensive. However, if we compare it with other countries like North America, Oceania and Western Europe, we can easily say that Japan is the cheapest option for us. In addition to this, people also believe that exploring Japan will be difficult and tricky. It should be kept in mind that the advanced train network of the country has greatly connected one city with the other. The technological advancement in the country is commendable and it is the country where you can experience your food served by the robots in restaurants.

If you want to see modern Japan and are planning to visit the country, you should read this article because it will shed light on the four essential things to know before visiting Japan. These things are:

- Always carry cash

4 Things You Should Know Before Travelling to Japan

We all know that Japan is the king of technology. However, when it comes to money, the country has still not advanced. Japanese has the concept of using cash in most of the places. One of the biggest reasons for this is that the country is safe and you can easily carry a good amount of Yen in your pocket no matter what time it is. Credit card is not acceptable in most of the super marts, rides, restaurants and bars. These big marts and malls do not even have the technology of taking payments via credit cards.

Thus, you should always keep cash with you especially when you are going for a train or bus ride. There are a few buses that accept the credit card but they also charge a separate fee for it. Apart from it, if you are going out of the major city, cash is highly important as a credit card will not be acceptable anywhere. Even the ATM booths are not present in the smaller cities. In some of the major cities, you can find the ATM booths but people using them are only a few.

- Street smoking is not allowed

Japan was famous for smoking and the World Health Organization declared this country as the least protected because it had no laws related to second-hand smoking. The international Olympic officials took the action and then the country made some strict laws related to smoking.

If you are a chain smoker, you should read the latest laws of smoking in Japan before visiting the country. The law says that smoking freely on the streets is strictly not allowed. In addition to this, people cannot smoke in restaurants, bars and cafes until they provide a separate smoking room. Similarly, it is strictly prohibited in schools, hospitals and small eateries. People breaking this law have to pay a hefty fine ranging from 300,000 yen to 500,000 yen.

This step was taken to cut down the percentage of chain smokers in Japan and improve the environment. Research shows that the percentage of smokers decreased from 83.7 to 28.2 when the steps were taken. However, people living in Japan still smoke in restaurants and cafes that provide separate smoking rooms. The age of men smokers in Japan range from the 30s to 50s. This law related to smoking was approved in the year 2020 and was effective in cutting down the impact of second-hand smoking in the country.

- Finding destinations will be difficult

4 Things You Should Know Before Travelling to Japan

If Japanese is not your native language, it is likely that you will face difficulty in knowing your destinations because addresses to these locations are only in the Japanese language. Thus, understanding the address becomes problematic if you do not have a tourist guide with you. Besides this, there are no street names in Japan. The destinations are known with the building names and the street in between destinations have no name at all. So, it is better to orientate yourself with famous landmarks and train stations. Asking the staff of the local marts about the address is not preferable because all of them are not locals.

It is always ideal to download an offline map so that you can easily look into the map whenever you want. In case, if the internet is not working or your offline map will be there to help you out.

Besides this, it is better to use a paper map because it is easy to carry and you have no fear of your phone’s battery turning low. You can take plenty of time in understanding the destination and your phone will not get occupied. If it is your first tour, a paper map will be really helpful.

- Japanese food is different

Since you are planning to go on a trip, you must be very concerned about the food. Food-lovers are always searching for the best dishes. Though Japanese cuisine offers a variety of dishes, their dishes are a little sweet and are usually served with noodles. You will find Udon noodles at most of the places. Besides this, the Japanese love to eat sea food. If you are a seafood lover, you will definitely enjoy a variety of dishes over there. Sushi has great popularity across Japan. This dish is made out of rice, protein and vegetables. Sushi delivery is common in the country because of the fame and high demand for this dish.

You should learn to eat your food with chopsticks since you will be getting it in every restaurant. The whole Japanese food is rice-based and it is usually served with sauces and soups. Though you can get bread at some bakeries, you have to search for it.

In short, every country has different rules, laws, traditions, customs and etiquettes. You should check out the best places in Japan and do some research before planning your trip.