Should You Use Pop-Ups in Ecommerce 2022 : The Definitive Guide

Should You Use Pop-Ups in Ecommerce 2022 : The Definitive Guide

Creating personalized pop-ups help to enhance the user experience and help to understand the customer behaviour.

Imagine a customer surfing through your website and is confused enough with numerous choices available; a pop-up can be proved to be beneficial in such cases. A pop-up helps to show that range of products to the customers depending on the customer behaviour that allows them to confirm the deal and make a purchase!

And, this is what an eCommerce pop-up can do.

Properly utilizing pop-ups can raise your website and be very effective for your business. A good pop-up facilitates customers to make selections and even helps improve the sales performance of your online store. If you are running on Magento ecommerce platform, you must check Magento 2 Popup for easily create & show pop-ups with with important action to retain visitors attention.

What is the first thing you get into your mind when hearing the term "pop-up ads"? Most people find pop-ups annoying and useless, whereas if used wisely can help to boost your subscribers' list and even increase the conversion rate. On the other side, inappropriate use of pop-ups may lose the customer who is ready to purchase the product. Hence, pop-ups can be game-changing in both positive and negative ways.

It is crucial to grab your customers' attention to run your website effectively. Due to this reason, websites rely heavily on the use of pop-ups to market their products. Pop-ups ads are a part of marketing strategies similar to email ads, social media ads, etc. Pop-ups come in various types, forms that serve a different purpose and help to produce great results.

With changing times, technologies have evolved where recent pop-up ads consider user experience into account. As a result, this would help change customers' opinions on pop-ups. So, get ready to craft the beautiful pop-ups in a simple and quick way, then just sit and relax waiting for your sales to roll in!

Here is a detailed article about how pop-ups work and why you should use them in your online store.

What is an eCommerce pop-up?

An eCommerce pop-up is defined as a small window that appears on your website to induce customers to take action. It can either be a welcome message, a discount code or either subscribing to a newsletter.

Importance of eCommerce Pop-ups for Business

Using pop-ups for your online store helps scale and grow your business. And, it even helps to achieve:

  • Assembling email contacts can be further utilized to run an email campaign that helps promote your business.
  • Gathering feedback for your website that helps to increase your business.
  • It helps to boost conversion rates.

Essential Elements of Successful Pop-up

It is not only about creating a pop-up window but should even give attention to some of the essential elements such as :

Context: A pop-up created should be closely related to the content of your website.

Copy: Text written should be eye-catching and persuasive enough to

convert visitors to buyers.

Design: Attractive design will surely grab customers' attention.

Offer: The offer provided to the customers should be compelling.

Types of eCommerce Pop-Ups for Business

Different types of eCommerce pop-ups are beneficial for your business and can help allure customers to make a purchase:

Welcome pop-up

Pop-Ups in Ecommerce

A welcome pop-up appears immediately once the customers visit your site. Saying hello to your customers lets them know that you are there to help and what you will offer. An email subscription box is provided to stay connected and present them with a small gift.

Coupon pop-up

Coupon pop-up

A discount is a powerful tool that helps customers stay connected. It should be a special deal designed with a close button to purchase it quickly. The customers may even not get converted if it is distracting.

Cross-sell and up-sell pop-ups

Cross-sell and up-sell pop-ups

Cross-selling and up-selling facilitate selling more and even help by adding value to the customer experience. A pop-up can be created to suggest an upgraded product and add-on items that make it easy for the customers to purchase without surfing for the product in another window. As a result, more revenue can be generated and create a win-win situation for both the customers and store owners.

Exit-intent pop-up

Exit-intent pop-up

An exit-intent pop-up is a technique used to retain the visitors that are going to leave the site.

As per Statistics, it is found that by March 2021, almost 80% of online shopping orders were abandoned. Making proper use of pop-ups can help improve the abandonment rates, and an exit-intent pop-up may aid to remind the visitors what they might be missing.

Top 6 Reasons to Use Pop-Ups in eCommerce

Online businesses have increased engagement, boost conversion, built brand trust and recognition by employing pop-ups on their website. Some of the reasons for choosing pop-ups in eCommerce are as follows:

To Grab Customers' Attention

Pop-ups are an effective weapon for eCommerce websites if done correctly. You can easily catch the customers' attention and assist them in purchasing a product. If you have carried out research properly, it will help you provide exact information with pop-ups that boost the user experience.

Segment and Customizable Options

A pop-up can be created as you have complete freedom to design pop-ups as per your choice and business requirements. Customization can be done in such a manner that it appears on-page load, while closing the page, appearing after a few seconds or while pointing a mouse.

Thus, it all depends on the requirements you want or based on specific situations. One should ensure that the same pop-up should not appear every time visitors visit the site.

  • The web pages they've visited.
  • Determining whether they're a newsletter subscriber or not.
  • Country and traffic source

As a result, personalized pop-ups can be sent based on the segmentation.

To Grow your Email List

Being in constant touch with your customers is of prime concern in the eCommerce market. This connection cannot be established automatically but can be done by asking for it. Such information can be easily collected through social gated pop-ups that may require users to sign in using social media platforms.

Hence, having a pop-up appear and getting email addresses from the users easily is an added benefit. Facilitates collecting all the information of the users you are searching for. It is a great chance to assemble email addresses that would grow your email list or newsletter subscribers.

To Promote Sales and Offers

Discounts are a great way to tempt customers to purchase and opt towards checkout. One can even offer special discounts that appear only for a specific period, facilitating them offering a sale for the products they are searching for.

It provides a great chance to grow your email lists while boosting conversions. You give customers an offer like a 15% additional discount on their next purchase. And in exchange, they provide you with their email address. As a result, there are high chances that the customer will purchase, and you will even have more subscribers for email marketing campaigns.

Such offers help improve the user experience of your online store. The message displayed should be an exit-intent pop-up, and it becomes easy to catch the target audience without any hindrance while surfing.

Ability to Offer Complimentary Items for Upsell or Cross-sell

Once the person has successfully made a purchase or even added a product to the cart, you can offer complementary items that they might be already looking for. This will help to boost the customer experience and even increase sales.

A pop-up can be created for add-on items so that the customers don’t have to search for a product in another window. As a result, it creates a win-win situation for both customers and store owners.

Reminders About Cart

People may sometimes add certain products to the cart and leave without purchasing. In such cases, pop-ups remind them that they left out without ordering a product and encourage them to complete the order.

You can also prevent cart abandonment by moving the customers directly to the checkout page with a single click. Utilizing exit intent pop-up could be beneficial to make customers aware when the product is back in stock, or the price has been reduced.


Though pop-ups sound like an unpleasant term in advertising, they have been designed to satisfy the needs of shoppers. Creating personalized pop-ups help to enhance the user experience and help to understand the customer behaviour.

So, get ready to create pop-up ads on your website! It is the right time to develop high-converting pop-up advertisements to deliver a great experience to your website visitors. If you like this article than don't forget to share with your pals.

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