How To Easily Teach A Dog The "Roll" Trick?

How To Easily Teach A Dog The "Roll" Trick?

Learn how to train your big dog to roll over using full 360, break it down, and toy treat ... Dogs of all ages are capable of getting to grips with this trick..

Do you want to check what your dog is capable of? We will present a trick that you can teach it..! Check how to easily teach the dog the "roll" command at

How to teach a dog the "roll" trick? Before starting the workout , get a large amount of goodies (for example, small dog cookies or pieces of cooked chicken). They should be small enough so that the dog will not have to chew for a long time. We also find a suitable place to learn - the animal must have a place to roll around. If the training takes place at home, let's exercise away from the furniture.

Before we start learning, the quadruped should be able to follow the head of the delicacy kept in front of his nose. It would be good if he could put on command.

Stage I - Lying and moving the weight of the body to the side

If we want to teach the dog the "roll out" command, we take a handful of delicacies - so that we can regularly reward the animal while studying. We give the command "waruj" or encourage you to put yourself in the palm of your hand, which we leave before his nose to the ground. When he lies down, we reward him. Then we move the hand with the delicacy next to the dog's head to the side and quite back so that he must tilt it - it will make him shift the weight of the body to the side.

At all times, at small intervals, we feed our pupil's hand. The point is not to get up and do not have to start from the beginning.

How To Easily Teach A Dog The "Roll" Trick?

Stage II - Lying upside down

We go on differently than when learning to lie on the side. The hand with delicacies kept in front of the dog's nose is slowly moved towards his back, which will encourage him to stand on his side. However, the head of a dog should constantly be turned back. When the entire torso is lying on its side, we move our hand towards the back and the ground.

We feed the dog every now and then. Following his head with a treat, at some point he should touch the ground with it - then the torso may be almost or completely upside down. We reward our student for lying in this position .

Stage III - Rolling over to the other side

At this stage, guiding the dog with the help of the delicacy itself is quite difficult, so we can lightly push him, helping him to fall over to the other side. When this is successful, we praise the animal and reward it generously.

It is not possible to carry out the entire exercise with every dog. If he has big problems, we divide the learning into easier stages and at the beginning we finish the exercise, for example, when he can move the torso to the side, then lie on his side, etc.

How To Easily Teach A Dog The "Roll" Trick?

Stage IV - Smooth rolling

We repeat the homing cycle several times - we strive for the dog to twist independently at the end. When he realizes what's going on, he'll start doing the trick more and more. When he has no problem rolling around with a treat, we begin to guide him with his own hand. The prize is now given right after the exercise - on the other hand.

Guiding with the hand becomes an optical command. When the dog is running smoothly, we can enter a verbal command , eg "roll", at the same time releasing it with the optical one (entering it at the very beginning, when the dog does not understand what's going on, it does not make sense). We try not to crouch at the dog or bend over it.

When we teach the dog to go one way, we can start the exercise with the other. We do it in the same way, but with the other hand. It should go a lot faster, because the quadruped will realize that it is the same trick, but ... the other way. Have fun..!