What Makes Darktrace Different?

What Makes Darktrace Different?
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Darktrace says its software, which detects, interprets and responds to emerging-cyber threats, monitors and tackles cyberthreats.

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Darktrace uses intuitive, auto-learning capabilities to detect potential new known attacks from the outside, as well as detect any threats from within.

Darktrace's pricing, reviews or its' trade secrets are very interesting aspects which can be discussed at length, but not in this article. Here, we will discuss what makes Darktrace's cyber security capabilities different. Machine learning security firm Darktrace can give top executives threat visualizers, and an operational rooms live dashboard on existing threats.

Based on recursive Bayesian mathematics built while at Cambridge University, Darktrace says its software, which detects, interprets and responds to emerging-cyber threats, monitors and tackles cyberthreats. This is a precursor indication, that ultimately Big Data technologies will displace measures like antivirus and firewalls.

The impact of Darktrace's unsupervised machine learning on cyber security is transformative - Darktrace

It has services deployed at a broad array of high-profile companies worldwide.

Bridging the gap between automated threat detection and security teams responses, this technology represents a new age in cyber defense, with self-defense capabilities.

Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI learns your business from the ground up to stop cyber disruption. This is a cutting edge tech, which gives more advantages than conventional AI which relies on pre-labelled datasets and historical knowledge.

Darktrace has head office at Cambridge University and was started by mathematicians and cyber defense experts in 2013 and is led by Jack Stockdale OBE.

Cybersecurity at its core is about protecting networks, programs, and data from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, destruction, or disruption. DarkTrace takes this to next level and uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to continually identify threats, alert cyber team members and enterprise employees, and stop attacks.

A core group of mathematicians and computer operations experts formed Darktrace at Cambridge University in 2013, and they are using self learning AI systems to fight cyberattacks. The next-generation intrusion detection systems leverage machine learning to detect cyberattacks and malware infections, effectively rendering outdated, signature-based detection systems obsolete.

Darktrace capabilities immediately rate, interpret, and report the full spectrum of potential security threats. Darktrace Enterprise Immune Systems are designed to learn about your operational systems state-of-play, and are then quickly able to detect any anomalies, malicious behaviors, and potential cyber threats, and immediately shut down any abnormalities, before they pose a threat to your organization.

DarkTrace Autonomous Response uses the Enterprise Immune System throughout your network via DarkTrace Antigena. The Enterprise Immune System is a catch-all title that denotes the full scope and capability of a CyberAI platform, combining real-time threat detection, visualisation of activities and interventions, investigative capabilities, machine learning, and autonomous optimization controls.

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