An Offbeat Reunion At Kedarkantha Trek

An Offbeat Reunion At Kedarkantha Trek

Profile: Meenakshi Tiwari, an alumna, goes on a winter trek for a school reunion with her friends to Kedarkantha.

Our reunion turned out to be a trek we never thought we would go. Kedarkantha was an easy to moderate trek that any decently fit can do. It is a trek everyone would love to do as it is the best way to experience both snow and mountains. We had set Delhi as a meeting point because of everyone’s different working locations. We took a direct flight from Delhi to Dehradun. It was a 10-hour journey by bus from Dehradun to Sankari.

Our idea of Kedarkantha trek in December had snow all around but, we were yet to see it on the trek. While traveling, we could see valleys, mountains covered with greenery, and sunlight on the top of the mountains. Some mounts were so far that we could see only their snow-capped peaks.

On Day 2, we started our Kedarkantha trek at 8 in the morning. Starting our journey, it was a trek to Base Camp via Juda Ka Talab. While moving forward, we could see the clouds passing by the hills on our sides in a sunny environment. Our trekking poles were of great use on the rocky trails with snow patches. The pine and deodar forest seemed infinite, but the difficulty in the trek was yet to come.

After covering 4 Km of hike in 3 hours, we reached Juda Ka Talab at 11. Our winter plan for Kedarkantha trek in December led us to the treasured gem of the place, the frozen lake, Juda ka Talab. The lake was propagating its magic without even flowing in the middle of the beautiful snow-covered hills and trees. Moving forward with Kedarkantha trek is a great adventure when the trails get steeper and when the hike prolongs to the cold nights. We took our time there chirping with excitement, clicking snaps to look back at, and reconnecting with each other amid fun.

There were mainly two campsites on Kedarkantha trek. Juda ka Talab was another beautiful campsite for the trekkers wanting to halt for a break. We had snacks before hiking for Juda ka Talab and planned on having lunch at the Base Camp.

Overall, it was a moderate trek and, we reached the Base Camp at 1:30 PM after covering 8 km. We had to get set for trekking to the summit the next day at 3 in the morning. For the remaining day, we enjoyed ourselves around there and relaxed. Our camps were in the middle of snow and the trees, which looked breathtaking.

At 2 in the morning, we got ready for the Kedarkantha summit and left at 3. It was chilly and dark outside when we started our hike. The golden and orange hue at the horizon signaled the rise of the sun, and we were about to reach the top. We could see all the snow-capped mountains reflecting their beauty in the golden dawn. We saw the beautiful mountains unnamed to us but looking all the same and beautiful. The peak was full of trekkers but, the moments we spent there were quite introspective.