Five Simple Ways to Become a Better Public Speaker

Five Simple Ways to Become a Better Public Speaker

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Let's face it; if you're in network marketing then you have to learn to be a better Public Speaker to make the big bucks. The man or woman at the front of the room is the one that makes the most money and it is always going to be that way.

While you do not have to be the best public speaker in the world, you do need to be able to convey your message with confidence. If you are shaking in your boots, people often wonder what you have to hide and if they can trust you. Here are the five simple ways to become a better Public Speaker.

# 1 - Study Your Material

I can't tell you how many people love to just wing it and hope that it comes out okay. Sometimes this is over confidence and sometimes it is laziness. Whatever the reason, it is not a good idea to just wing it. You want to make sure that you study the material and know it very well so that you feel confidence when you are delivering your material.

# 2 - Know Your Audience

Who is it that you are speaking to? Do they enjoy jokes? Are they more of a serious crowd? When you know who you are speaking to, you can tailor the message so that it feels like it was meant just for the person you are speaking to. When people feel like they are being spoken to personally, they love listening!

#3 - Rehearse

It's great if you follow #1 and study your material but you also want to rehearse. Find a friend, family member, pet or even some stuffed animals and rehearse your heart out.

#4 - Don't Apologize

I'm sorry, but there is nothing worse than someone that starts their talk with I'm sorry, but. People do not want to hear your apologize. People want to hear you deliver.

#5 - Concentrate on the Message

You want to make sure that you bring the message home. When people leave, they need to know what you were conveying to them. Nothing is worse than getting your time and coming out of a talking being confused about the message.

Follow these tips and you will begin to become a better Public Speaker.

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