VoxXenial Team Leader - Shane Thurman

VoxXenial Team Leader - Shane Thurman

Being in nature hiking and biking are a few things Shane loves to do. He shares his passion of helping people naturally with their health and well being.

Located in Kitchener, Ontario

In May of 2017, Shane was contacted by Lee Pryke about VoxxLife products. Shane had seen a demonstration at an event and was very skeptical however agreed to be added to a Testimonial group on FaceBook  where real people share their results using the VoxxLife insoles and socks.

Understanding the power of team work and network marketing. Shane saw how many people he could help with technology and he joined. Here is his story.

Shane Thurman

In only a few months, September actually; Shane earned the title of Team Leader by sharing with people, doing trade shows, and his experience and passion for helping people. with their health and well being.

VoxXenials People Helping People, VoxxLife HPT

Shane Thurman - Team Leader VoxxLife

You can visit Shane at a variety of trade shows throughout the area demonstrating the muscles tests on visitors to show how immediately their balance, stability and range of motion is improved.

VoxXenials, People Helping People, VoxLife HPT

Shane Thurman with his Team at Carrot Fest

Shane can be reach through his VoxxLife WEBSITE

See his adventures in nature on FaceBook.

Visit Shane on Twitter

Shane is self-employed and active in many things.

He works with a community called Kulabrands helping inventors get products into market

Shane also helps people reduce oxidative stress with a product called Protandim. You can learn more HERE

You can also send a message directly to Shane on the Button Below and he will get back to you by email.